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Discussion in 'Poultry' started by haydenfox, Nov 21, 2011.

  1. I've got a 15 lb bird. I've read the USDA stuff and many threads on here about thawing the turkey, so I have an idea on how to go about it.

    My question is, can I brine it and thaw it at the same time in the brine solution? Anyone doen this?
  2. chef jimmyj

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    Sure...You can thaw in Brine, it will slow the thaw down a bit but as long as you are under Refrigeration there are no Safety issues...JJ
  3. rbranstner

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    I agree I don't see the concern as long as the bird stays cold. I thaw mine in water and throw it in the fridge or let it sit out in my garage which is cold until I am going to cook it. Now that I am doing multiple birds I thaw them in the cooler full of water and then put them out in my garage to sit until I am ready to brine/smoke them. If my garage is near 40 degrees then I will put them on ice but normally its below freezing and I am just trying to keep them from freezing again.
  4. smokinal

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    The brine just won't penetrate as well until the bird completely thaws out. Other than that it should be fine.
  5. raptor700

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  6. covewi

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    I never worried about thawing a turkey before - just did it.

    Saturday I purchased a fresh 12 bird and put it in the fridge. Started worrying today when reading the forum and

    the 40-140 / 4 hour rule.

    Check the fridge temp and its running around 47 degrees.

    Is my bird BAD?

  7. chef jimmyj

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    Exact same THING happened here....NEW BIRD ON THE WAY....Not worth the Risk!....JJ
  8. eman

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    At least it wasn't a 9lb hunk of prime rib!
  9. larrym

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    Maybe the Food Network Live show actually listened to all of you.  Ann Burrell stated that it is perfectly fine to thaw out a frozen bird in brine,, just keep in fridge for 3 days or so :)
  10. larrym

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    ohh, wait,, my fridge is running around 43 to 44 and I have turkey sitting in it, after brining and rubbing with butter,, do I need to worry ?  I was planning on putting in smoker tomorrow.

    Edit,, I had cranked down the fridge temp before I went back to work,, it is now 38.7.  Hopefully where it is under 40f,, I will be okay till tomorrow afternoon.
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