Turkey Drumsticks: Should I Inject AFTER Wet Curing?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by learnin2smoke, Sep 27, 2015.

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    Hi SMF Family:

    I am planning on smoking some monster turkey legs. I will be wet curing with Morton Tender Quick for a  minimum of36 hours before smoking. I know that will turn the meat pink and give it a hammy taste similar to state fair turkey legs and that is fine. My question is will injecting them have any affect on the taste? I have some Tony C's Cajun butter injection, but I don't know how or if tat would mesh well with the taste the cure will give the meat. So will injecting be a waste of time since the cure will overpower it? Will injecting make them inedible because the injection and te cure together will produce a horrible flavor? Or can I inject? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance! 
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    I guess there only one way to know. Inject a couple and do the rest without. Since TQ is salty, I wouldn't use anything in you injection that has sodium in it.

    I like to use the KISS method, Keep It Simple Smoker.

    With that said I'd probably add some garlic to the brine and use a simple run of SPOG.

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