Turkey Day

Discussion in 'Beef' started by smokey steve, Nov 18, 2006.

  1. Hey Ya'll, I need a little advice on how to handle the load of Thanksgiving. Alright here goes, I dont have any problems with the smoking process but I usually only do 1 cut of meat at a time. This week I got 2 13lb packer briskets and a 7lb turkey breast. 1 of the briskets is for a teacher friend my wife has at school. (i guess thats what happens when you send the wife to work with bbq :D ) and I want everything to turn out great, I got 3 different types of wood at my disposal right now and need some feedback. I got hickory, wild cherry, and sugar maple, I have never smoked with sugar maple so I dont know if it would be to everyones liking or not, thinkin about doin the bird on the ecb with sugar maple maybe. I will stop ranting now guess I am just a bit anxious.

    HELP [​IMG]

  2. You’ll do fine, just watch your internal temps. Sounds like a snug fit! [​IMG]
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    Gee, Steve any one of those woods will work, I've done briskets and turkeys using a mix of cherry and maple and nobody complained.
  4. Well so far so good, yesterdays turkey wasnt excellent since I guess I dont like maple too much :( but everyone else ate it up so I will take that as a +.
    Brisketts have been goin today since about noon will post some pics of them bad boys later.

    Have a happy and safe Thanksgiving everyone much love to the fellow smokers this holiday season.


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