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Discussion in 'Poultry' started by mike g, Jun 17, 2008.

  1. mike g

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    I am looking for a easy recipe for smoked turkey breast.I am trying to do one in a couple of weeks. How long do they take to smoke.

    thank you
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  3. vlap

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    Although it is already brined I like to do so again. Then while smoking keep baisting with butter and bbq sauce.
    Time will depend on your temps. Hard to give an accurate one.
    You can also inject flavor and fat into it instead of brining.
  4. 1894

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    I did my first try with a bonless breast recently , I used a kinda sweet rub on the outside and mixed a bit of the rub mixed with Italian dressing and injected it on the inside . Smoked for a while at 225 ish , till the internal temp got to the recomended # and wrapped in foil for an hour to rest. Came out very juicy and tastey [​IMG]
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    boneless ones are great for just a couple of people. Butterballs are the best and already come in a brine.
    Most of those are around 4.5 lbs or so, I believe. Probably give yourself atleast 3 hours at 250º, but internal temp is what you need to watch. I like 155º.

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