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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by andrewv, Jun 11, 2016.

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    So we are relocating from the Orlando area to Tucson. I wanted to see what the forum had to say about bbq restaurants in the area. We were there for about 5 days and found a decent place named Dickies.

    Any recommendations would be appreciated.

    Other info about Tucson and smoking meats in AZ would be appreciated as well. What's the typical type of wood out there?

  2. You know Arizona means good oak in the Basque language, a regional variation of spanish.  I was camping south of Tucson, in an area called Madeira Canyon, and I was cooking with some good oak.  Don't know exactly what kind of oak, but it produce a great bed of coals, and made me wish I had a stick burner.  Didn't eat any barbecue in Tucson, but made some great campfire chilli.  Good luck on the move, and good smokin'.
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    If you like to cure and smoke bacon, LEE LEEs is the place to buy your pork belly. It's an Asian market, I go to the Chandler market, but I think there is one in Tucson. Welcome to Arizona. 

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