Trying Out All Your Recommendations on Pork Butt

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  1. I've enjoyed reading all the input.  I'm not sure I'll do brining but will smear some yellow mustard and a rub I've compiled from all the different suggestions.  Wrap in plastic and put in fridge overnight.  Get up in the morning and start smoker, looking for temp of about 225.  Several hours, check for IT of about 135.  Bump up smoker temp to about 250 for few more hours.  Final, IT done temp is 190 or 200.

    My questions are:  At what point in IT timeline do I remove, wrap in foil and put back in smoker?  Do I let it rest when it reaches desired IT, like you rest beef brisket?  Those of you that like brining, what does it add that overnight in the fridge, wrapped in plastic and rub doesn't do?   

    I had an idea of using my BBQ spray bottle and putting in some apple juice and Tennessee sippin' whiskey and spritzing it every couple hours.  How does that sound?

    Appreciate all the posts on this subject.  I'm pretty sure pork butt will be more forgiving than the brisket was.   I hope so, anyway....
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    Yes, pork butt is very user friendly. IMO Brining or injecting is not necessary if you're not in competition. I would try to smoke at 250-275*, but that is fairly a personal preference. The norm is to watch for the stall at approximately 155-160*. At this point, wrap in foil and add 1/2 cup of apple juice or some other personal favorite. The juice will help to maintain moisture and the acid in apple juice will help with tenderness. The foil wrap will assist in powering through the stall. Carry the butt to 185* for slicing or 200-205* for pulled pork. Let the butt rest after removing from the smoker for about an hour in the foil. This will help to redistribute the juices back through the meat. I never spritz meat. At the early times, it can wash off your rub. Later, spritzing can loosen your bark. All of this is my personal opinion and there are many others out there. Good luck and good smokin', Joe
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    [​IMG]    Joe has you covered.  Good luck

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    Best of luck...JJ
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