Trying my hand and smoking hot peppers.

Discussion in 'Veggies' started by grit, Sep 27, 2014.

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    Had a bunch of peppers from my potted plants (in five gallon pails) and wanted to give a try at smoking/drying to grind into a powder.  Started off at low temp  around 170 and after a bunch of reading bumped it up 250ish.  About five or six hours total time in the smoker, I kind of lost track of it.  Seems the Thai Chilies could  use longer if needs be tomorrow I will toss them back in with no smoke.


    Thai Chili

    Bhut Jolokai

    Here is a shot of a the finished product.

    Cannot wait to make a powder of them and perhaps make my own homemade "chili powder".
  2. That looks very good. When I grind peppers. After they have all been ground I put some rice in the grinder and grind it. It soaks up the oils. I thin use it for fried fish or chicken breading.

    Happy smoken.

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  3. mdboatbum

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    Wow, funny to think of habaneros being one of the milder examples in a post about peppers. I'm guessing those ghost peppers will get your attention!
  4. grit

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    David, that is a truly fantastic idea for cleaning up the grinder, which I need to pick up one up in the next couple of days. Quick question are you using a coffee grinder or a food processor for your grinding?

    -  James
  5. A small food processor. It does well for me. 

    Happy smoken.

  6. You are doing enough that a big one should work fine. I do them in a lot smaller batch.

    Happy smoken.

  7. grit

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    They did I chopped of a piece about 2mm by 2mm and popped it into my mouth for a chew.  The flavour was a tad bitter (the other peppers are not bitter) though the heat was wonderful eye opener.  Truth be told these peppers were an experiment this year to see if I could grow them at all and to see how my conditions would effect the heat.   One Bhut Jolokia and two Habanero plants I am transplanting later today from 18 litre (five gallons) pails to 77 litre (20 gallons) rubbish pails I just bought this weekend to see how they increase my yield for next year.  The Thai might see a similar transplant if the non-smoked ones on the plant have a decent heat profile, back in July when I tried one of my Thais I found it lacking.
  8. You can also use crackers in place of rice.

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  9. grit

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    Corn flakes would work as well I take it?
  10. grit

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    SWMBO is suggesting I just use the blender, I am not big on the idea as it has a small base and seems to be a lot of fiddling about to grind up those peppers.
  11. The corn flakes would work well. I have never tried to use a blender. It should work for small batches. I think a food processor would do a better job. But work with what ever you have. That's the good thing about it. Their are no rules.

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  12. grit

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    I am thinking I will just borrow my friends processor and when I am finished with it give him some powder to feed his chili addiction.
  13. Their you go. If you were my neighbor I would go for that any day [​IMG].

    Happy smoken.

  14. grit

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    All I have to say about that is [​IMG]
  15. grit

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    Here is a minor update, after grinding up the Thia and habs I have decided I will wait until I can bring home my half-piece respirator before I grind up the Bhut Jolokais.

    As you can see the wife decided to inject a bit of humour into the labels she made for me. So on it went anyways might be a well needed warning.
  16. brooksy

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    Oh yeah you should have warned to do it outside and hold your breath!
  17. grit

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    I knew better, though I was being a bit lax in using a safe procedure as it was late and I had decided to do it last minute.  The thais were ok the habs on the other hand I should of done outside, weekend is coming up so I will hold off til then and do the job properly.
  18. riverrat3

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    I just ground some ghosts for my wing dust a couple weeks ago. About an hour of burning throat and runny nose. Mask is a Got about 30 more peppers to harvest think I'll try smoking them now. Yours look great.
  19. welshrarebit

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    Make sure you wear gloves and wash your hands BEFORE going to the bathroom!
  20. I've never ground them because I was worried about breathing, and I'm afraid they would lose too much of the smoke flavor if broken down that much. I usually dehydrate them and keep them in a zip lock bag. When I want to use them, I'll boil a little water, add the dried peppers to the hot water to let them soften, then mince them. These are awesome in taco meat, chicken chili, venison chili, etc. They are the secret ingredient in my white chicken chili.

    I found this thread because I picked what was left of our pepper crop today (we had our first hard freeze last night) and smoked them today. Based on some feedback from a similar thread, I also froze a few this time around.

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