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Discussion in 'Sausage' started by texan in va, Sep 12, 2015.

  1. texan in va

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    Looking for some help out there.  I have been trying to perfect a smoked sausage recipe for a couple of months,  I feel that I  am right on with the flavor.  But, the texture always turns out different than I want.  It is sort of mealy, like a hamburger in casing. Any suggestions on getting that smooth pink consistancy that all great sausages have?
  2.  what size of grinding plate or plates are you using? what type of meat or combination/ratio are you using ? are you adding fat and if so how much and what is your total batch weigh when ready for stuffing? with this type of information we might be able to be more helpful.

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  3. lancer

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    I agree with Tom, Tex.

    Without a better idea of the recipe grinding technique and smoking method it would be hard to give you an accurate answer.

  4. chef jimmyj

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    Yep...More info needed. Also, after your seasoning and final grind, are you mixing the sausage until it is extremely sticky and well emulsified? This step is important and can take several minutes...JJ
  5. [​IMG]   and additional liquid might be needed such as water, wine, beer etc.

  6. danmcg

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    I agree with everyone's comments so far and will add that if pink is what you're looking for then you'll need cure #1. Smooth texture will require you to emulsify the mix. or at least triple grind it.

    How much salt are you using? that and proper mixing is needed to loose that mealy texture.

    Is this what you're looking for?

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  7. crazymoon

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    TIV,As the others have said fat content and grind process make the difference. Also added soy protein concentrate or a similar substance may help also.
  8. texan in va

    texan in va Newbie

    Thanks for all of the replies.  I am starting off with a small batch, about 5 lbs.  I am using an 85/15 beef to pork ratio.  I have ground the meat 4 times.  It becomes a pink sticky paste, but when I smoke it, it comes out with almost a hamburger like consistency. Any ideas? 
  9. foamheart

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    You might also look at how you cook and cool the sausages. I found a big difference in smoked sausage that has been smoked as to if its cooked in the smoker or cooked in hot water. Also if its chilled immediately or allowed to cool on its own. It makes a large difference IMHO as to the texture and moistness in the sausage.

    I just bought 2 new small plates and a new knife blade for my grinder........ Its ok, Pop didn't really need his operation this year, he's old and hurts all the time anyway.
  10. reinhard

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    That's a lot of grinding, 4 times.  I would not grind it more than twice.  Once through the course plate and once through the medium.  I have even been grinding sausage lately by only grinding it once and then mixing in the seasoning and liquid.  Sounds like you emulsified the meat by grinding it so often.  Reinhard
  11. tropics

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    What recipe are you using?

    Can You post a pic?

  12. doctord1955

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    Im wondering like Richie what ur recipe is!!  When I make smoked sausage I'm heavier on the pork than I am on the beef!  I use the beef to firm my sausage! 
  13. chewmeister

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    I'd say fat content too low or cooking at too high a temp and rendering out the fat. I just made a small batch of summer sausage with the same recipe I always use except the meat was much leaner. I ended up with the finished consistency you describe. Additionally, you need to use a curing agent to have the pink color.

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