Troubleshooting My New Converted Smoker

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    Hello everyone, 

    First time post, First time attempt at smoking today.  I just transformed a 22inch charcoal grill into a electric smoker by installing a 1100watt hotplate on the bottom. On the first try, which is today, I noticed that it does real well on putting out smoke (using Hickory chunks not chips) but I see two problems already. 1, I see quite a bit of smoke escaping and 2, the max temp ive gotten it up to is 190 and its been going for about a hour and a half. I can send pics of my project to a someones email if needed. Any suggestions on how to fix these issues to get it to the desired 225-250degree mark? Thanks

    update its been 2 hours now and ive gotten it up too 200degrees which i know isnt hot enough from what ive read.  Im smoking chicken leg quarters that have been rubbed as my first go around since they are cheap and dont want to ruin a good pricey piece of meat.
  2. Seal up the leaks. That will improve it greatly.
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    Any suggestions on how to seal it.  I heard silicone is safe to use around food. The one issue I think i might have is the lid is hinged to hold itself up when its open so i guess i need to put something around were the top and bottom meet to seal it as good as possible.  The other problem spot is the very top went to regulate air.  If I seal it completely then no smoke will be able to exit provided the other seal does its job.
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    There is some food grade gasket material out there. If you use silicone, get it from a restaruant supply place and make sure it is food grade, ya just cant run out to home depot and use that stuff.
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    Thanks for the info.  I will def look into the e-course and make sure if I do use the silicone to use the restaurant grade as you mentioned.  I cant wait to be able to smoke a butt with confidence and know it will be incredible.  I can make a amazing butt in the slow cooker and im imagining how good it would be smoked. Thanks again.

    Update: Its up to 210degrees now and been going since noon (almost 3 1/2 hours) I plan to give it 4 hours before i check it because i know the heats been rather low(180-200) a good part of the time.
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    [​IMG]    Glad to have you with us!

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