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Discussion in 'Pellet Smokers' started by skippinrock, May 25, 2015.

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    We own a Traeger Jr about 6 months old. When I turn it to smoke the gfci trips. I have vacuumed and cleaned it and removed all the pellets…but the gfci still trips immediately. I know its not the power source because the vacuum worked. I would appreciate any ideas you might have..
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    Don't plug it into the GFCI outlet.
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    The GFI trips because there is some current leakage from line leg of circuit to 3rd wire ground. GFI circuits are made to trip if there is as little as 5mili amps (0.005 amps) going to ground. It is very difficult to detect that small a current with most multi meters. As a temporary fix to finish a smoke you can use a 2 prong to 3 prong adapter on power cord Some electric smokers do not like GFI circuits & problem is not all that rare. You may want to have a qualified electrician check your smoker.

    A G K
  4. Have you tried any other recepticles? Try a non-gfci. Also check the amp rating on the gfci you are trying to use. If it is a 15 amp you may need to change it out for a 20 amp. I don't know much about the Traeger but I would just about guarantee that it draws more amps than the vacuum so you can't go by that.
  5. Usually means your hot rod/igniter is bad
  6. phrett

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    Not all GFI products are the same. Some of very poor quality will trip when not triggered. I would replace the outlet with a brand name GFI receptacle and I would guess that will resolve the problem.

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