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  1. im smoking a few tri tip's on sat does anyone have anysuggestions on a marinade or rub. Last time i used a peppercorn garlic marinade and it turned out amazing(it didnt last long enough to get any pics), i plan on doin two of them like that again, but was looking for something different for the other ones.
  2. ciolli

    ciolli Meat Mopper

    Always good with montreal steak seasoning and garlic powder. I coat in mustard first too.
  3. Thanks ciolli, ill give it a try.
  4. mr mac

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    I love a good tri-tip! I personally keep it simple with salt and pepper and smoke. Let the beef sing its own song...
  5. porkaholic

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    Over the Christmas break I did two tri tips, on marinated in sesame ginger dressing was the hit of the party. After time in the marinade I sprinkled on the garlic etc. as the others are suggesting. Cooked to between 140 and 145, turned out great.
  6. Thanks for the tips guy's, Im excited i just picked up some shrimp and some applewood bacon, im gonna toss some corn on there also. i might try some zuccini on the smoker for a bit then ill probably transfer it over to the grill.
  7. thunderdome

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    Garlic Salt + Pepper only
  8. I agree simple is best. The only tip I would suggest is to tenderize it well.
  9. Yup, gotta love the simple kosher salt + cracked black pepper + garlic powder.
  10. kanadan

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    anyone know whats in the classic santa maria seasoning
  11. richoso1

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    Great flavor combos, although a Tri Tip can stand on it's own. My fav cut of beef.
  12. deltadude

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    Being a Calif dude, Tri-tip is a regular staple for all kinds of occasions around here. I've grilled them on the weber kettle, on my weber gas grill, and tried a few in the smoker. I've prep them with marinade (both wet or moist), rubs, or just plain ol Montreal Steak Seasoning with a little garlic powder, they always taste great.

    My preference for cooking a Tri-tip is on the weber kettle, with a touch of wood smoke, direct medium high heat, leave half the grill as a cool zone to pull the meat too when the char is almost just right and finish cooking.
  13. smokemifugotem

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    I love me a good tri tip! And so far, there have been a lot of great recommendations posted. I would like to offer up my favorite recipe. You can find it here.
    Whatever you do, please post pics!!! We love to drool on our monitors.
  14. Kanadan---original Santa Maria Spice contains mostly salt and garlic. There is a company fairly close to you called "The Rub Company" that sells Santa Maria Spice. The most original spice comes from a company in Santa Maria called "Susie Q Brand" Pappy's has a spice that works on tri-tip. The cattlemen's Association in this county use 2 parts Lawry's Garlic Salt to one part of Lawry's seasoning salt. Let me know if you can't find any.

    I personnally do not marinade tri-tip-----I have in the past while experimenting and I prefer to let the beef taste like beef. I keep it simple and spice it and cook it. I have also seen many cut slices in the roast and shove garlic cloves in the slices, but I don't do that either. In this area we call basting tri-tip with beer "Alcohol Abuse" but many people try that too.

    I hate posting pictures and seldom do , but may send some tri-tip pictures after this weekend. I am cooking Top Block (Top Sirloin) Santa Maria style for a catering, and I am spending Saturday and Sunday at a BBQ Comp in Placerville.
  15. rosiepug

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    Looks pretty basic, salt-pepper-garlic-parsley.
  16. placebo

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    To all you guys that keep repeating all tri tip needs is salt, pepper, and smoke. I have only one thing to say to you all. YOUR ABSOLUTELY CORRECT!!!!!! I finally forced myself to do just that last night when I did a reverse sear on a naked trip tip. Kosher salt, CBP, 40 minutes of smoke then a hot grill. Yep I found beef nirvana last night and I am one happy camper!
  17. Qveiw will be up shortly. It all turned out amazing though. Only problem was there wasnt much left over for lunch the next day. Thanks for all the tips and suggestions.
  18. steevieg

    steevieg Fire Starter

    Hmmmm  no qview?
  19. bearcarver

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    Yeah, He hasn't made a post since April.
  20. venture

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    Deltadude hit you with a good version of the traditional cooking method.

    You can use simply kosher salt, pepper and garlic and never go wrong.  Most rubs will work well if you let the flavor of the meat come through.

    Smoke it makes a good point.  A little work with a jaccard never hurts.

    The Pappy's seasoning, as mentioned by Chuckwagonbbqco is popular in my region.  They make a seasoned salt and an all purpose seasoning.  I like the all purpose seasoning.

    You will find many seasonings claiming to be the original, and they are all different.  LOL

    It is all good if you let the flavor of the meat speak loudly.

    Good luck and good smoking.

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