Tri-Tip, Shrimp, & Flank Stake Q-View

Discussion in 'Beef' started by jimf, Apr 23, 2012.

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    We had some relatives in town.  Being that they currently live in Arkansas and originally from Cali, they know their BBQ and their Tri-tips.  What better reason to leave work early on a rainy Monday, than to spark up the electric smoker (Cookshack-008)?

    Living In Maryland, tri-tip is hard to come by.  The only place we can find it is at Costco but it only comes in a marinated package.  I decided to throw it on the smoker as in with no rub.


    Smoker set at 225* with oak wood.  I didn't make it home in time to bring the meat up to room temp, hence the 36 degrees..


    Also smoked shrimp using the recipe from Jeff's newsletter. This is them getting ready to go on.[​IMG]

    Just thought this picture turned out cool.


    Off topic but this is where I sit while waiting for the meat.  Nothing better than sitting here with a beer in one hand, thermometer in the other, delicious smell of smoke in the air, and country music on the lawn speakers.


    Oak smoke flowing thinly from the Cookshack


    Medium rare tri-tip removed from the smoker at an IT of 135*; 1 hour 55 minutes.


    We were feeding 9 and one tri-tip wasn't going to be enough.  I searched everywhere and couldn't find anther so I ended up getting a Flank Steak.  Marinated in McCormick meat marinate for 24 hours then grilled at 400 degrees for 7 minutes a side.  Flake plated with the tri-tip, both cooked to medium rare.


    The money shot


    I should have used the larger plate.  Awesome meal; smoked Tri-tip, smoked shrimp, grilled flank steak, oven baked potato, and pasta salad.


    Our company was very impressed.  The winner of the night was the Shrimp. Shout out to Jeff for that rub!!!!     Thanks for viewing.
  2. Great pics man. Those shrimp make a man want to take a bite out of his computer screen. By the way, how can I go about getting that newsletter from jeff?
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    Awesome place you've got there, Jim!  Great patio and firepit and tunes on outdoor speakers.  You are livin' the good life!

    Looks like you have the art of smokin' and grillin down pat.  I don't do my flank steak as long as you do stopping at about 4 minutes per side depending on how thick the piece is, and flanks are never very big or thick.  'Course, I like mine rare with a just a leetle bit of red running when I slice it.

    Anybody else having trouble signing up for Jeff's newsletter?

    I go to his site and click on the newsletter and try to sign up but either the SUBSCRIBE NOW button is not linked (doesn't select for me) or the link below it returns nothing for me.  This is the umpteenth time I've been on that page.

    It could possibly be some blockers running on my PC are stopping the delivery of some of Jeff's pages, but I'm addicted to my blockers 'cause they really improve my surfing experience.

    Anybody else??
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    Awesome smoke - tell us about the shrimp taste 
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    The rub gave the shrimp a nice kick.  A little spice with the cool taste of the shrimp.  With only taking 20 minutes, this is something I'll make again every sunday during football season.  Lets go Skins!!!!
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    Nice Que

    Those marinated costco tri tips are dilicious............
  9. Looks great and love your outdoor smoking lounge area!
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    Looks great. good job
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    This looks like a great meal .love the combo

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