Tri tip on wood plank??

Discussion in 'Beef' started by duggy, May 3, 2011.

  1. So I was at my local supermarket today and I originally went for bread but whenever I stop by the market I always go to the meat section first. Anyway, while I'm there staring at the meat a person next to me starts complaining to me about the lack of meat selection and then somehow we start talking about making tri tip and I asked him if he smoked his and he told me that he just uses an apple flavored wood plank on his grill and smokes his tri tip that way. In your humble opinions, what are the benefits of using a wood plank on a grill as opposed to using wood chunks in a smoker?
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    In my opinion using a plank can not empart enough smoke flavor for my personal taste. Think about it - a tritip average cooking time is 15 min a side for most of us and how much flavor can you get in 30 minutes?  If you are a person who only likes a hint fo smoke it might be OK

    You would actually get much more smoke if your used a foil packet with chips in your BBQ
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    I agree with scar belly. Not enough time in the smoke for my taste.
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    I agree with the foil packet, or I would just throw a handful of chips on the coals of your grill. You'd be surprised how much smoke flavor you can get that way.
  5. It only takes you guys 30 minutes?? The last time I made it it took me close to an hour and a half. Do you use direct or indirect heat? Also, if you foil it, doesn't the foil prevent the smoke flavor from getting in?
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    In the old days, grilling was the traditional way of preparing tri tip in the Santa Maria area.  When I grill them on the Weber I cover them.  15 minutes per side is pretty common depending on the size of the cut. I shoot for medium rare. I have never heard of cooking them on a plank like salmon.  Naturally, when smoking them, cook times will be extended.

    Good luck and good smoking!
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    I realize this is an old post but it may help out.

    I love to plank grill but a Tri Tip is not suitable for planking due to the crust that is needed. I and all my friends prefer crusty on the outside and rare on the inside Tri Tip.

    To impart smoke flavor with my three burner gas grill I recycle my used planks by placing them on the outside burners away from the meat that is grilling on the middle burner. A mustard and spice rub will absorb plenty of smoke flavor.

    Bonn appetite......

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