Treatment of Australian Hardwoods Downunder.

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    My name is Don, I live near Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.

    I have a "HARK" electric smoker.

    I have worries about the quality of the smoke that we produce from our timber!

    My research on commercial smoking indicate that they filter the smoke through a water spray or steam to remove impurities like creosote, tar and oils.

    If this is required for commercial smokers, what risks are we taking by not treating the smoke?

    My thoughts are that if the timber is cut into 1-1 1/2" chips, soaked in water for 2-3 days, dried out, and then used as normal, might improve the quality of the smoke for us backyard smokers?

    At present I am experimenting with Black Wattle Acacia Mearnsii. cutting it into the above size chips allows me to remove any grubs (borers) and their waste from the wood, the water is very stained like tea, so I have changed it twice.

    Is there any reason to dry the chips out?

    Has anyone any knowledge or thoughts on the matter?

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