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Discussion in 'Beef' started by marc luce, Jul 20, 2012.

  1. I am in the process of completing a 10 pound brisket.  It is a shade under 180 right now and I expect it (and its little brother the pork shoulder) to be done at 10 this morning.  The brisket will have been on the heat for 15 hours and the pork for 8.  Then comes the hard part.  I need to get the brisket to a family get-together a little over 2 hours away.  

    My plan is to put the brisket in a foil pan, sealed tightly.  Line a cooler with towels and just put the brisket in the cooler (obviously no ice).  Then when I get there, slide it (still sealed) into the oven and warm it under 180 degrees.  Does this sound right?
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    I'd skip the pan, and simply double wrap the brisket in foil, then place it in the cooler lined with towels.  Stuff as many towels in as you can.  I would think the pan would leave air pockets, and your goal is to eliminate that space and keep it wrapped tight.  Just my two cents, but I had a brisket stay hot for about 3 hours that way.
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    You could go either way and be fine. I use the pan method so i do not lose any of the juices.

    The main thing we focus on is keeping it above 140 degrees. If you do that you will not need to put it back in the oven. If in transport it drops below 140 degrees, just bring it to over 165 degrees. That is the HACCP procedures we use where I work.

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