Trailer with dual smokers, parrilla and an al asador

Discussion in 'Reverse Flow' started by ahumadora, Apr 10, 2016.

  1. ahumadora

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    A client is getting me to build a mobile smoker for his rugby club.

    I was going to make him a 250 gallon, but worked out a little cheaper to build 2 smokers from the steel tubes I have.

     The base for the parrilla which will be mounted above the fireboxes

     We had a battle to get the 3 fireboxes lined up and welded together. It is 1/4" steel

     The bars attached are to help align it and make sure it is level

     The extra fire box in the center is to make coals for the parrilla. The parrilla will be mounted above these facing the rear of the trailer.

     Where we cut the 500mm center firebox to mate with the other 600mm firebox, we re used the cutout to double up the roof of the center firebox as a sacrificial plate so it lasts longer.

     Dave's measurements for the smokers.  The trailer will also have an al asador on the front that swings out away from the trailer for cooking lambs etc.  I will probably use the end off a 250 gallon tank for that.
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  2. ahumadora

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     I found some tank ends at a scrap meal yard that are perfect for what I need. I got it sandblasted as was covered in rust. I will cut the double flange off it to lighten it as it weighs 110 kgs at the moment.  Cost me just over $100usd .

     1.2 meter diameter

     Al asador.   This is what I am building to give you an idea and will make it swing out from the trailer

     Parrilla is nearly done. I will line the bottom with firebricks.

     Made the gap smaller on one end so the chorizo's don't fall through.

     I will install a door on the front tomorrow.

     I a waiting on the trailer, it is 800km away and we can't do much more with out it at the moment.

    It was cheaper for me to buy one than building it myself.

  3. ahumadora

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  4. dirtsailor2003

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    Quite the rig!
  5. That's going to be one awesome rig finished !!

  6. This thing looks like a beast! Looking forward to the finished product
  7. ahumadora

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  8. hardcookin

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    Nice job!!
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  9. dstiltz

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    Looks great
  10. jcbigler

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    Sweet looking Hilux!

    And smokers and grills too! :sausage:
  11. ahumadora

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    Still a few small things left to finish, but just about there.
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  12.!!!    [​IMG]
  13. Holy Wa !!!
    Never seen the like, would very much like to be around when this is in use !
  14. b-one

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    Nice build,thanks for sharing!
  15. ahumadora

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    Also made this last week    

    And this a parrilla for events with insulated firebox.

  16. dirtsailor2003

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    I think I need that parrilla!
  17. ahumadora

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    The owner finally got around to using the al asador this weekend. Winter time here at the beach.

  18. dirtsailor2003

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    That's super cool!!!
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  19. Superb Build!!!! 
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  20. Unbelievable ! Wow

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