top vents for wsm vs bge

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  1. hi everyone

    so getting a BGE-Large next week (waiting on delivery) 

    i've been reading up on it and trying to get a grasp before i start using it.  

    my question is, i'm  seeing/reading a lot about adjusting the top vents, when using the wsm i always leave the top vent wide open.  what does everyone out there do - fiddle with top or leave it open

    thanks in advance
  2. Wide open for me. Only close to snuff the fire after I'm done.
  3. Bge set at 225 il usually at 1/3 open. It takes a while to get it dialed in but rock solid when you do
  4. rogerwilco

    rogerwilco Meat Mopper

    When cooking at low-ish temperatures, I will use the top vent to perform the final dialing-in of a temp. BGEs cooking in the lower ranges are not like some other types of cookers, such as an offset style. With very little fire going on in the fire box, there is no powerful draft, so closing the top vent will not create a chamber full of harsh smoke the way it can in an offset, which relies on a much larger fire and considerably more draft.

     For a temperature of 225°F, I set the lower vent to around a 1/4" opening, and the top vent's hinged top to the closed, or centered, position. The "pedal" openings on the rotating dial are set to somewhere around a 1/8" opening. TBS follows.
  5. thank you roger wilco, the best explanation i ever read

    i love this place

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