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Discussion in 'Beef' started by scooby, Jan 1, 2016.

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    HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL OF MY FRIENDS ON THE FORUMS!! Hope everybody has a great year. I resolve to use these forums more in 2016 now that Santa hooked me up with a MES30.

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    So I got this 4.5 lb. top blade roast on a great sale and I want to smoke it up today along with some chicken breasts. After trimming the fat cap and silver skin off I now have a 2.5 lb. roast (maybe not such a great sale after all but those cheeky monkeys had the fat cap side faced down in the package so it looked like a great cut). I injected it with some beef broth to keep it moist during the cook and put a rub on the outside before letting it rest in the fridge for two days. What temp and for how long should I cook it in my MES 30 to get to well done? I'm assuming I should foil at some point but don't know much about that either. One more it safe to use an outdoor extension cord with my unit? The manual didn't touch on that (maybe it did but I was too excited to get it set up and smoking to read three pages of generic warnings). It's raining and cool here in Texas and I'd like to locate the unit out on the patio where it's as comfortable as possible for me. Thanks to all the members on here who have helped me out with the learning process. Looking forward to a year of smoking. :grilling_smilie:

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