Tonight is a milestone. First sausage and first smoke.

Discussion in 'Sausage' started by wuchagot, Jul 19, 2013.

  1. Made 2 batches of sausage tonight, some Jalapeno, Habanero and cheese chicken sausage and some basil, sun dried tomato and cheese chicken sausage. I have been struggling at keeping my smoker between 160-165 but I am managing. Excited to see the out come. Someone told me I should post pics of my sausage, Q something or the other, as soon as I figure out how I will.

    First attempt at sausage!

    First time smoking meat!
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    Darren, morning and welcome to the forum....   Yeah, pictures are very important.... (Q-Views).....  reading about food is one thing.....  Seeing it in pictures is a whole other thing and a big deal....  Get handy with the camera....  

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    Gotta show that smoke off!  Have to make us drool.  [​IMG]

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    Hey neighbor I grew up in Grangeville and grad from there now in Lewiston PM Me I will be able to help you post
  6. So how did you make out?
  7. A win and a fail all stuffed into one.

    Sausage came out great! An even stuffing, great flavor, nice moisture!

    It all went down hill with the smoke. At first I was to hot at around 200° then I couldn't get the temps above 150°. I moved the smoker into a brick corner and I gained control of the temps. In the end I over smoked it and gave it way to pungent of a smoke flavor. Live and learn.
  8. Glad to hear that the sausage came out good but sad to hear you weren't happy with the final result.  Do you have any pics of the sausage?  What wood did you use for smoking?  Don't get discouraged - at least you now have a good reference point for your next batch  [​IMG]
  9. Those sausages look really nice - good job man!  [​IMG]
  10. Maybe a few regrets but not discouraged at all. Seeing it was my first time I wish I had only smoked a few links to get a feel for it. I used soaked apple wood. I will be at it again! I am hooked!
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    Lookin good whats up next ??  list is endless
  12. Well. I am going to try some strip jerky and some extruded jerky. I have a Weston jerky cannon comming in a few days and a bunch of ground.
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