Tomorrow's Shindig

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  1. I have three racks of spare ribs and a pork tenderloin all rubbed up and waiting for the smoker tomorrow morning. I ended up making a little more rub than necessary, but that just means more smoking over the next couple weeks. This is the rough recipe I used:

    Amazing BBQ Pork Rub

    1/2 C Brown Sugar
    1/2 C Paprika
    4 T Kosher Salt
    4 T Freshly Ground Black Pepper
    1.5 T Cayenne Pepper
    1 T Ground Ancho Chili Pepper
    1 T Ground Chipotle Chili Pepper
    2.5 T Cumin
    1.33 T Dry Mustard
    1.67 T Onion Powder
    1.67 T Garlic Powder
    1.33 T Thyme Powder
    1.33 T Sage
    1.67 T Coriander Powder
    Basic yellow mustard

    Wet mustard base coat and then apply the rub. Refrigerate for 24 hours. Cook until awesome.
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    Hello . Be sure to send us some Q-view and a report on how it tasted .

    Have fun and . . .
  3. Will do! I tried to upload some pics via my phone, but I couldn't get it to work. I'll add them from my laptop when I get a chance.
  4. I haven't cooked a pork loin in a long time, and I of course spaced the temperature. In my head, I was thinking really high temperatures (like for pulled pork), but I decided to double check. Yup, way over 145. I pulled it at 163 F. Anyone ever try to salvage them via injection? I was considering injecting some apple juice or creole butter. Hell, maybe a little of both.
  5. Some Q-view. I started out on the weber kettle, smoking for 2.5 hours at 225 F. After that, I transferred to the Bradley with no smoke at 190 F (it's set at 280 F, but my maverick 732 has it at 190 F when the Bradley reads 235 F).

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    Looking good, brother! I want to see what that loin looks like sliced!
  7. I will get some up close shots. It's been sitting in the warmer since I took it off. I think I'm going to cut it in half and see what it looks like, and if it's pretty dry, I'll inject it with apple juice.
  8. So, it looks pretty dry. I shot it up with creole butter.

  9. Well, the shindig went really well. We ended up having around 30 people and nearly all the meat was eaten. I held some of the ribs back for a tasty snack (which is also now gone). I didn't get any pictures after what I already posted, as I was super busy serving and was a very long day. We had a great time though. Everything tasted great too. I took the ribs out at 198 after about 10.5 hours of low n' slow. 

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