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  1. Hello, I am making a chili tomorrow with a smoked pork butt that I am smoking right now. When its done cooking, I was thinking of wrapping it with foil then in a old blanket and keep it in a cooler till tomorrow( I read that somewhere). Is this a good method to keep my butt moist or should I go another route? Any feedback would be great. Thanks!  
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    Bum. Can I call you bum? That sounds like an awfully long time to hold that butt in a cooler. If you need to keep it overnight , you might want to refrigerate and then reheat.
    Usually when people keep a butt in a cooler it's for shorter periods like 3-4 hours. Maybe even 6-8 but I don't know about much longer.

    I am by no means an expert and someone with more experience at butt holding :biggrin:
    might have a different answer....but overnight would make me nervous , food safety -wise.

    PS , I would post this in a regular forum like bbq ing or pork so that more people can try to help.
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    I agree with hambone on refrigerating it overnight, but get ready for some good chilli. I made some the same way last week and it disappeared fast!
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    Are you going to pull the pork, cube it, slice it? I would go ahead and do that then into a Ziploc into the reefer. No sense leaving it out of you are making chili tomorrow with it. You woun't loss anything you won't recover in your chili. All pork chili.... Hmmmmm. Pork is more flavorful that beef. I usually use 4 pounds of beef to 1 pound of pork in mine.

    Make sure and take pictures, inspire us. I can't smoke today so I wanta watch.......

    Normally wrapping in foil, and a blanket is briskets. I will nearly always pull my pork before chilling, its easier while warm (besides you know you gotta taste it...LOL).
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