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  1. Ok so I bought a 2lb tri today and I think that I am going to smoke it and them make steak sandwiches out of it. I am going to season with S&P andthe some garlic powder. Probably over red oak until about medium.

    Just wondering if anybody had any suggestions for me?

  2. raceyb

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    Sounds like you have it under control. Was there anything about smoking it that you're nervous or unsure of?
  3. No I was just wondering if anybody had done tri for sandwiches before and how it turned out.
  4. raceyb

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    Good luck and please post some qview when slicing. [​IMG]
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    I haven't done a tri for sammie cause I live in the southeast and we dont get that cut here. But I have done just about every other cut for sandwiches and I hope you have a slicer but if you don't you just need a good sharp knife. We do have a slicer and it is worth it's weight in gold just smoke alot eat and then slice it for lunch meat. We havent bought lunch meat in monthes. have you tried the pastrami smoke yet if not do it now and one of the best is a large sirloin tip roast is really good for sandwiches to. Maybe try making a corned beef from scarth their super easy mix up some spices and water and let it soak for days (alot of days) and then pull it out and soak it some more to get some of the salt out of it and bamo you have corned beef that taste out of this world and then smoke it and it's bam bam pastrami. Any questions?

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