Today just wasn't meant to be

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by smokinut, Aug 1, 2013.

  1. So I had planned on smoking a chicken today. Got it in a brine last night of 2 gallons water, cup kosher salt, 3/4 cup brown sugar, 1/4 cup dry Italian herbs, and 3 TBLS balsamic vinegar (just what I had left in a bottle, figured I'd throw it in to see what would happen). Well, today's weather turned to crap. Wind gusts of 30 mph, Weather Bug app said 50% rain, Mother Nature turned her back on me. My little ECB doesn't do well in that sort of weather. So I figured I'd just pop it in the oven and smoke something next week. Set the oven to 350*, set the time for 1 hour 45 minutes. Come back in after getting the yard work done and check the temp, damn thing shot up to 182* lol. Today just wasn't my day. Hope everyone else's day was better.

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    I'm guessing your breast was at 182, and you considered it a bit dry?  I usually shoot for that temp (180-185) in the thighs/legs - which typically gets rid of any extra pink near the bones, which can turn some people off drastically.  
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    So what's the point?
  4. raastros2

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    don't give up my  man keep your head up...that has happened to every sile one of us before
  5. So what's the point of what? My post? Just a little venting. That's the point of communities like this. A place to share the great things you do, a place to laugh about the things you mess up, to ask for help or to pass on things you've learned.

    So let me ask you, what's the point of your post?

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  6. Yeah its more dry than I wanted lol. Just glad it's going into chicken alfredo so it won't be as noticeable.

    Oh yeah, definitely not the first overcooked thing I've made and definitely won't be the last.

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  7. kryinggame

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    I didn't know if you were asking for advice or help. It was an open ended post. I didn't know where you were going. Sorry!
  8. Sorry to hear about all things going against you. I think we all experience from time to time unfortunately. 

    Should still be ok in the alfredo though!
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    Hang in there UT,

    I accidentally torched a dozen chicken wings the other day, and that was after brining, injecting, rubbing, etc...

    At $2.50 a pound, I was not happy with myself.
  10. Sounds like a good day to me................Any day smoking/cooking is better than a day at the office[​IMG]

    Happy smoken.

  11. So long as it was edible.  I've had issues the last 3 Fridays with doing burgers and crappy weather. [​IMG]
  12. What I normally do, is first, check the local doppler radar, see where the rain is, somebody from Under Ground Weather has to be out your way, check for Salt Lake/Utah weather using a search engine, they are good at local forecasting and throughout North America.  But then If I have time to get everything going, I will do so, then as the sky starts to darken, as it usually does every time I fire up my smoker, I place 2 patio chairs, their backs to smoker, a couple inches from the smoker.  Then by draping a plastic tarp over them, it covers the smoker, with the ability to lift one side of the tarp to get at the smoker.  Heat does not effect the tarp,  I have 30 inch MES Electric model.  Works good.

  13. Gotta love Utah weather......wait 5 mins.....change again[​IMG]

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