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  1. Just wondering if anyone has ever tried to do the three two one ribs and put the ribs in the refrigerator or freezer before doing the last step and how did it turn out?? 
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    I haven't tried it, not in that manner...smoke, then, steam, rest/chill/freeze, then back to open grates...hmm, I do see potential for a dryer finished rib. I have smoked until just before reaching my normal amount of pull-back, all open grate with wet-to-dry smoke chamber (my tried and true method for moist meats), then frozen for several weeks, and reheated while covered, in steam from apple juice, and even they were a tad dry.

    It seems that even if they reach safe internal temps, as in fully cooked but not cooked to a tender state, then when you heat them up again to further cook and reach a tender state they lose more moisture than they would if you finish them up and eat them hot off the grill (smoker). The interior moisture has too much time to evaporate with heating up, cooling, then heating up again.

  3. Thanks for your reply. I was going to try it this time, but I had too many people coming for dinner. The ribs turned out great. I kept them in the smoker for a extra hour, then drizzled apple juice on them, foiled them and put them in the oven for two hours. Left them foiled and covered and when the guests arrived, put barbecue sauce on some, left some without and turned the broiler on in the oven and brioled them until they were a burn't red color and sizzling. Must have done alright, they all got ate. Thanks for everyones input. I don't post alot, but I do read and take advice.       
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