Thoughts on Leaf Vac Trailer Reverse Flow Conversion

Discussion in 'Smoker Builds' started by stevenlee, Sep 19, 2014.

  1. stevenlee

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    Hi All,

    So my dad had an old TracVac leaf/lawn vac system...

    My buddy had an old wood stove...

    My neighbor and I were outside by the fire having a few beers this summer...

    Then this light bulb happened....

    Take the motor off the TracVac, clean out the trailer, mount the woodstove as a fire box and build a big reverse-flow stickburner.

    I started with the idea of building a custom firebox, but none of the welders I called returned my phone calls.

    I power washed the trailer and the box. Then used a wire brush on my drill to remove any loose rust.

    I painted everything (outside only) with hi-temp engine paint (1000-1500 deg) on the really hot spots, and Rustoleum High Heat on the bottom part of the trailer.  The leaf/grass intake made a perfect chimney. 

    My neighbor, let's call him Paul, helped me drill some holes in the woodstove bottom and we bolted it into the holes on the motor mount.

    Next step is to cut a hole where the pipe from the stove enters the cooking chamber.  I plan to run ~48" of stove pipe with a 90 at the end so the smoke exits at the back of the chamber, about 1' off the floor.

    Now, finally, my question.  I had to paint the inside of the lower part of the cooking chamber with Rustoleum High Heat.  It was really rusty and I wanted to make sure it's covered and not going to rust further.  The inside of the top part is just bare, somewhat dirty, aluminum.  I was thinking of using Aluminum flashing to line the bottom of the firebox so that no painted area is exposed to the cooking chamber.  It's easy to bend, and easy to screw/rivet in place.  Once in place, I planned on getting a really hot fire going inside, then, spraying everything down with Peanut oil or veg oil and getting another hot fire going to season the inside.

    Does my plan set off any red flags as far as food safety is concerned?  I've been pretty careful/thoughtful about making sure that the inside of the firebox and the inside of the smoker are bare metal, but this is my first build, so I'm somewhat of a newbie here.  Any thoughts/ideas/comments would be appreciated.



    Medway, MA
  2. foamheart

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    That is about thre best redneck smoker I ever saw!

    LOL... you should have painted little windows on the side like the door on top of the workshop.

    Hook it up to the lawnmower to move it around..... Hell I drive that in the holiday parades!

    That is sooo cool man.


    Extra points if it works.
  3. I'm going to follow this one. This is a pretty damn cool idea!
  4. stevenlee

    stevenlee Newbie

    So far so good.  We hooked up the firebox and did a test run.  We were able to hold ~250 and control pretty easily with the top damper at the exhaust and the damper below the front door of the firebox.  Next weekend we're building out some racks!
  5. stevenlee

    stevenlee Newbie

    Here are a few shots from the test fire...


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