Thinking of doing some mods to a free brinkman I have.

Discussion in 'Wood Smokers' started by butchersbest, Feb 13, 2012.

  1. What I want to do is make this a easy a smoker as I can, but still have the option of doing a long wood burn.

    I want to use a baffle sheet with lip like cake pan that drains to a spigot at the other end of the smoker from the fire box.

    This would make clean up easier.

    Under the drip pan I want to install a water pan that can be filled or re-filled during a smoke without opening the lid.

    My thinking is that I will not have to clean this pan out that often and I can use adding water as a temperature control device.

    I want to install a log burner in the firebox and if I want to burn lump or wood just a simple inverted sheet metal vee would protect it from the ashes.

    If you see any problems or dumb thinking let me know. Not going to be starting soon I want to lay it out with some cardboard first.


    ButchersBestQ Smokers/Mods.jpg

  2. oldschoolbbq

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    I think this is a good idea and have done this with my NBRR and never looked back. I love the way it draws the smoke and it keeps decent heat across the chamber ( except for a hot spot extending 6" from my FB into the cooking chamber.

    I also, ran it to a (funnel) at the end to drain the juices. I put a "V" down the center of the plate to channel the drippings and used the cardboard thing to get a precise fit to the walls of the chamber so I could remove it for cleaning when needed.

    I looked to see if I had any shots of the plate , but to no avail. I'll get some shots and post to the discussion forum and mention you if I can?

    See ya later Butcher's Best Q and have a good time with your new Reverse Flow, be sure to plug your smoke leaks to insure good results...

    have fun and...

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