Thick crispy crust cheddar/jalapeno bread

Discussion in 'Breads' started by idahopz, Nov 9, 2015.

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    We absolutely love crispy crust bread, but it is nearly impossible to find in our area.  We had to co our own, and found an easy to follow method of developing a thick crisp crust.  This time I wanted a savory bread- had plenty of cheese I'd smoked in the Bradley, and fresh jalapenos in the fridge

    My better half is the dough master, and she likes to keep it more wet than she uses for pizza dough - this creates the steamy environment in the Dutch oven that develops the thick crispy crust that we dearly love

    Folding in the cheese and jalapeno

    ... just out of the oven

    ... now on the counter, we're waiting for the crackling to stop before we take a couple of slices topped with nothing but butter

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    Wow that sounds interesting (yes, we like it hot as well).  I've not seen fire water like that before! [​IMG]
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    When I was living in Hawaii, fire water goes on everything! Typically here I make it with Thai Chiles. When I was on the islands we used Hawaiian Chiles right from our garden. They look like Thai chiles but pack a bigger punch.

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