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  1. jim williams

    jim williams Meat Mopper

    Just received my newest and inexpensive model Maverick ET-733 model.

    I hope to use it soon and it looks promising with the hybrid replaceable thermometers.

    Check them out I received this for $49.99 online through AMAZON by DBROTH they range from $69.99 - $100+ elsewhere. You will get a 20.00 discount there.

    Includes 9 game meat temps, hi and lo temp for smoker and 300 feet of cordless temperature alerts!

    My next smoke will be Salmon so I will wait for some larger meats of course.    

    -Enjoy ladies and gents!
  2. wes w

    wes w Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    You can't go wrong with the Maverick.  I'm on my second one.  I love it.   I think the first one got a little to wet one day.... :)

    I pretty much just use the heat side of mine now a days.  Its to much hassle to  use the meat probe.  I use a USDA probe that I can wipe with  rubbing alcohol  before I use it every time.  Plus, I can check all the meat on different levels. 

    As far as range, I've never had any problems.   Our kitchen is about 75ft. away, I just sit it in the window sill and it does fine.   You'll love it.
    I'm not gonna bash anyone yet because it's only been a couple days but the 49.99 maverick I ordered from DBROTH showed up to my door step with smoke all over the probe, yes I said probe cause it only came with one, and to go one step further there was still nasty sticky old bbq sauce on the unit. I obviously am not thrilled with what I got but I'm also a little upset that I can't get a reply. Talked to another guy who ordered from the same vendor and got a brand new maverick so maybe I'm the exception but I just figured people should know there is that chance. I did clean it up and and works but it cost me another 20 to get a probe so I would have been better off just ensuring I got a new one from a reputable source. Maybe they will contact me soon and fix the situation but as of now my email has gone 3 days with no response.
  4. Interesting. I bought one from them as well.

    I don't think it was used, but it did have a probe problem. Maverick is sending me 2 new probes.

    I wonder if this guy is selling returns as new? Mine seems brand new.

    Maverick didn't even ask me where it was purchased or for a receipt, but just when it was purchased. Gotta love those guys!
  5. jim williams

    jim williams Meat Mopper

    Sorry about the news guys.
    Mine is new and no problems to this day.
  6. Little update, the sellar did finally get back to me requesting my order number so hopefully I'll be receiving a new one. I ordered another probe since the box I got only had the one used one but having an extra probe on hand won't be all bad. I'm kinda optimistic now that this might get fixed.
  7. jim williams

    jim williams Meat Mopper

    Well guys, I have run mine through several smokes and nothing but success. If I get replacement probes...I guarantee they will be the 6 footers.

    Love it, but thinking of buying the igrill with 4 probes. $200 but can find for $50 when they decide to throw a sale. 

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