thermo in existing holes on chargriller

Discussion in 'Meat Thermometers' started by grindstaff3, May 16, 2008.

  1. i have heard of a couple of people putting their thermos in the little holes on each side of the smoke box to measure internal temp. is this true and do you literaly just stick the probe in there and let it hang? it just sounds way to easy. if i were to replace the existing thermo on my grill does anyone have any recommedations? should i drill a new hole?
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    Depends on what kind of probes you use. I have several. I run the cheap oven probes through them, because the lid will eventually kill them by breaking the small internal wires. I also have a couple of thermocouple probes which have a 1/8" stainless armour around them. I HAVE to run them through the holes, or bad things would happen.

    But, I also have some ambient thermos with oven clips on the ends. Obviously these won't fit in the existing holes, so I take my changes running them through the lid. But I have already killed a couple this way.

    I guess the short answer is, yea, you should use the existing holes. And, no, I wouldn't add any new holes. The more holes, the more leaks.

    Also, after I run the probes through the holes, I stuff foil in the gaps for a better seal.
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    I'd drill a new hole as the original thermometer won't be the same size as the new one. I used my hole saw to drill a 3/4" dia. hole a few inches away from my original thermometer and neither one of them leak.

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