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  1. I keep getting ad's for E harmony and girls pills. Can someone here tell me how long it takes to block theses ad's, It's been over a week now and I'm getting the same ads over and over. I'm sure more people than me are seeing these and reporting them. Please tell me if I have to put up with this for long. I think it time to leave. Just to much garbage that has nothing to do with Smoking Meat.
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    Where are you seeing these adds? On the sides of the screens or are you getting pop ups???? I see different adds on the right side of the screen but I have never received a pop up.
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  3. abigail4476

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    PM Jeff the addresses (URLs), and Jeff will report them to Huddler to be blocked.  It may take a few days; just keep submitting addresses of irrelevant ads as you come across them.  

    There shouldn't be any popup ads.  All the ads should be imbedded in the page (static).  

    Thanks!  [​IMG]
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