The Pirate

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    A guy walks into his favorite watering hole and sees pirate sitting at the bar. The pirate wore an eye patch, a hook for his right hand, and a wooden leg.

    Curious, the guy walks over to the pirate and says, "Wow! You're a real pirate... what happened to your leg?"

    "Arrrggghhhh, I lost it to a hungry shark!"

    "Well then, what happened to your hand?"

    "Arrrggghhhh, I lost it to a landlubber in a bar fight!"

    "Then how did you lose your eye?"

    "Arrrggghhhh, I lost it to a seagull... it crapped right in me eye!"

    "A seagull crapped in your eye and you lost it? How can that be?"

    "Arrrggghhhh, it was the first day with me hook!"

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