The Mods are done and the butts are on

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by smokingma, Aug 31, 2013.

  1. smokingma

    smokingma Smoke Blower

    So how many people does it take to modify a Master Forge vertical smoker....

    Looks like 3 LOL.  My trusty pit crew making sure the butts are going to be done right tonight.

    I'm using my new Master Forge for the first time today but I wanted to get good results so my crew made my mods.  Here are the mods they did for me on the master forge and they added a damper to my ECB as well -


    They added a damper to the top (gotten from an old charbroil grill I had) and one at the bottom.  I only need to add a gasket around the lid to curtail the escape of smoke.  Tonight I tried using foil around the bottom.

    I forgot to take a picture of the grate in the coal pan but we added screws to raise it 1" from the bottom.

    About 30 mins or so ago I loaded the pan using the minion method and got the temp up to 225-230.  Then added the butts.  I'm hoping to get some sleep tonight and get up in the morning to foil them.  Later I will be smoking what I thought were spareribs, but I actually purchased the brisket (sold 4 in a pack at BJs).  I was so mad at my self for not reading the package better, but I cut them up into rib tips or riblets and will smoke them in the morning.  I'll take pics before they go on and during tomorrow.  Has anyone ever made this mistake before and if so how did it turn out.  I'll put the chunks in a pan with holes to allow the smoke to come in.
  2. daveomak

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    Sounds like a good plan.....    [​IMG]......   Dave
  3. smokingma

    smokingma Smoke Blower

    So about 3 hours in IT at 122-123 on both butts.  Having some problem with the smoker's temp though.  It kept temps of 230-250 for the first couple of hours but then the temp dropped to 200.  I checked the coal pan and found coal (using royal oak) only burning on one side so I added more lit coals to the side not burning.  I guess I'm going to watch this tonight.  Hopefully the next time I do an overnight, I can just set it and go to sleep.  Be back later to give a report.  Oh I guess I forgot to mention that the butts were about 7.5 lbs. each (got them from Sam's Club which sells them 2 in a pack.
  4. daveomak

    daveomak Smoking Guru OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    I forgot to take a picture of the grate in the coal pan but we added screws to raise it 1" from the bottom.

    The lack of uniform burning might just be the lack of air space under the coal basket.....  maybe think about raising it up to 3-4" air space under it.....   Dave
  5. smokingma

    smokingma Smoke Blower

    Hmm never thought of it.  I'll have to investigate that.  Thanks for the tip.  Everything looks like it's leveling out now.
  6. smokingma

    smokingma Smoke Blower

    So I overslept and the fire is out.  When I last looked the IT was 189 and fire was holding steady.  That was about 3 hours ago.  Now it was 178 so I put them in the oven to bring the temp to 195-205 just to make sure. pics of the finished butts to come after they have rested.

    Now I'm going to put the rib pieces on.  Since they are not slabs, I'll put them in a pan with holes to allow smoke in and juices drip.  After 3 hours of smoke I'll set the pan in another pan covered with foil for 2 hours, then sauce them for the last hour.  Should be interesting.
  7. naturemuzic

    naturemuzic Newbie

    smokinGMA? I have a last minute question!

     I didn't factor in the curvature of the smoker, so when I placed the Weber vent as you have yours, there is some gaps! I tried to bend it gently & have done so, but in the turn of the vent, more gaps open, but of course, when open, there is not the problem when it's closed.

    So I am worried that even when closed, I  will lose a lot of smoke from the side vent.

    I will add I did place one of the remaining vents on the bottom, in case I don't attach a side one. Not sure if being on the bottom will do much, but never having tried it, I don't know !

    Any suggestions? I thought of duct tape on the back of the vent, to try & fill the gaps when closed.

    Thank you much !

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