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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by khuizinga, Jan 18, 2008.

  1. Hi my name is Ken and I have a new obsession! Smoking!! My wife got me a smoker for my birthday - the large Camp Chief Smoke Vault - and I love it!

    This past Saturday I smoked my first buncha meat - two big chickens, a rack of ribs, and some salmon - oh and a dozen hard boiled eggs. They turned out EXCELLENT!! I'm hooked!! (OK, admittedly the eggs weren't all that great - I left them in too long). I attached a picture of my first attempt - a little ways into the smoke . . .

    I learned a few things the first time out - like don't try smoking things with the smoker in the garage! Soak the wood chips, rinse the fish better for a less salty taste - and don't tell everyone to come try this great smoked stuff, because it will all be gone way too soon!

    I do cement flatwork for a living - and - not to blow my own horn - but I'm a darn good cement man. But it sure is easy to entertain thoughts of smoking stuff in the winter for fun and profit - ha ha.

    I have always loved to grill - to me the best steak is one that you can still revive and send back to the barn! Even though it's a bit chilly outside (OK - downright cold) we shovel a path to the grill on the deck and go for it! I can see the same thing happening with the smoker. My only concern is that it may be tough to keep up the temperature when it's so cold outside.

    I would welcome any advice anyone here has to offer. I'm a little bit overwhelmed with brines and rubs and mops, etc. Right now in fact, I have three chickens soaking in a brine mix, I have two skinned & defatted ducklings also soaking in a brine mix, I have some salmon and smelt soaking in a Hi Mountain gourmet fish brine mix - - oh and I've got a rack of ribs sitting in the fridge with an Emeril's Essence & brown sugar rub on em. Hopefully tomorrow I'll get em all smokin and enjoy them for dinner!

    I was hoping to find recipes easier than I have been - but maybe I'm not looking right - so if anyone knows where I can find a lot of brine, rub, marinade, mop mix recipes - or any other recipes designed for smoking - please let me know.

    OK - that's enough for now I suppose. It's great to be here!!

  2. k5yac

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    Hi Ken... welcome to SMF!
  3. cowgirl

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    Welcome to the forum Ken! Good looking smoke![​IMG]
  4. richoso1

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    Welcome to the SMF, lookes like you're burnin for learnin'. About brines, mops and rubs.. you'll play with them until you find the right taste. That's what it's all about. Have a smokin' weekend.
  5. mobcounty

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    Well done! Welcome aboard.

  6. bwsmith_2000

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    Welcome aboard Ken!
    We're glad you found us and we look forward to lots of posts and pictures. In reading your post, I thought of three things ....... first, be sure to take Jeff's 5 day ecourse. It's free and loaded with really good information. Second, living here in Florida, I don't have too much problem with cold weather when smoking. However, I have seen several posts from others where they have wrapped their smoker in insulation on those really cold days. One of our Bretheren made some panels from insulation board and with cutouts for air ports mounted it on his smoker. Try using the search feature perhaps you can find the thread.
    The last thing I wanted to mention is regarding your request for brine etc. recipes. I have a book with the title "Sauces, Rubs and Marinades Bastes, Butters & Glazes" by Steven Raichlen. It has some good recipes in it. I got mine from But before buying a book, don't forget to search our SMF web site. I have seen quite a few brine recipes posted here.
    So, again, welcome aboard and good smoking!
  7. walking dude

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    soaking wood this because they end up catching on fire?

    wrap em some heavy duty al. foil.........poke a few hole in the top.......try werks well..........

    once again......welcome
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    Welcome to SMF. This is THE place.
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    Welcome aboard Shipmate!! i was on the CVN-75 Truman for a while.... and grew up pouring concrete/buildin houses... Check out the 5 day ecourse! Its free and full of great info... it really helped me when i started! There are lots of friendly folks here with tons of smoking experience... and they all like sharing it! .... So go ahead and drop anchor... you found a smokin' home!
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    Welcome to the site Ken.
    Glad to have you here.
  11. stacks

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    EGGS??????????? [​IMG]

    Never thought of that......

    Welcome to SMF Ken
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    Welcome to the SMF.
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    Welcome to the forum Ken. Sound's like you've already become addicted. Maybe we should start a support group: Smokers anonymous!
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    Welcome aboard, one of the finest first posts I've seen for a while, even included Q-View.

    Actually quite a while back there was a lot of ruckus going on about smoking hard boiled eggs. Many have tried and there are some threads out there with pics and descriptions...
  15. walking dude

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    longshot turned me onto his recipe

    thankx longshot

    Hey Dude,
    Always happy to pass on my limited knowledge. I just boil my eggs for about 8 minutes (or however long you usualy do hard boiled eggs) I then chill and peel them. I put them in my big chief with the lid ajar and put the apple/cherry or hickory chips to them for about 45 minutes to 1 hour then into an egg carton and back to the fridge. Mine wind up with an ashy color tending to a bit yellow. Family gan't get enough of them. Let them rest though and chill back down and I have found that separating them works best hence the egg carton. The styrofoam ones are best but lining the cardboard ones with plastic wrap works. Come to think about it that may be the best if you can pretty much seal it overnight and keep them from drying out.
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    Nice to have you here...
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    Welcome to the SMF.
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    Welcome to the site.
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    Welcome to the site. It's a great place here.

    Glad your here.

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    hey USNR-retire here

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