The Hardwood Flooring Build (Need Help!)

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  1. Remodeling my kitchen left me with a lot of left over wood (maple) flooring and I was planning on retiring the trusty brinkman in favor of a home build anyways.

    At this point, I have only glued the sides together so I still have a LOT of work to do.  

    I was, originally, going to go with gas and have since acquired a heavy duty turkey fryer burner but I think I am going to opt for electric due to ease and availability of control options.  

    I learned a lot with the brinkman and want the new box to operate in a similar fashion so I don't have to learn all over again.  I was planning on mounting an electric element on the bottom of the box and placing a metal pan directly on the element and using chunks to  make smoke.  My brinkman never really put out a ton of smoke but I would burn up 4 or 5 chunks the size of a golf ball for an 8 hour run time.  Does this sound right or should I try more smoke?  Another question I have is that I always filled the pan above the element with water.  Now that I think about it  I am not even sure if you are supposed to do that or not. I can say that I have been fairly successful with what I was doing before.  I have had success with jerky, backstraps, summer sausage, tons of  various roasts and even a turbaconduckin.

    I can borrow the element out of the brinkman, but I would rather give it to one of my buddies if i can purchase one pretty cheap.  I'm not exactly sure what I need as far as an element or controller.  I would really like to like the temperature to be fully automated.  I'm all about "set it and forget it."

    I'm a "techy" so if you know of any cool digital gadgetry that I could incorporate, please let me know.

    Any insight is VERY much appreciated.

    Thank you!

    Once I do more work, I will keep everyone updated.

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