The chiles are off to a start

Discussion in 'Peppers' started by richoso1, May 17, 2010.

  1. richoso1

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    I have very small areas to plant my chiles, but I do enjoy what I have available.
    I have 8 Chichimeca jalapeno plants, 13 NM chile plants, 4 serrano plants, 4 bell peppers, and 2 cucumber plants.

    These are the NM Lumbre chiles.

    These are some of the Chichimeca jalapenos.

    These are Gloria's Heartland maters.

    I'm looking forward to a fresh chile filled summer. The NM chile that I fire roast will arrive in about 3 months, and 75 lbs. will last me one year.
    Thanks for viewing some of my chiles.
  2. mballi3011

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    Do you have a green hand cause everything you have there is doing great to me. Heck my peppers have hardly come out of the ground but we did get a really late start to. Man but you have the stuff going on.[​IMG]
  3. jirodriguez

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    Hey Richoso.... e-mail me about 3 days before you pick those NM chili's.... I will need time to drive down there and steal them in the dead of night! [​IMG]

    Just kidding! Good looking chili patch! That is one thing I really, really, miss about New Mexico.... green chili.... *drool*
  4. kosmo

    kosmo Fire Starter

    Nice looking chili patch !! 

    I have a question about the ghost pepper...have you ever grown any ?? I have a couple of plants and this is my 1st year. I know that they are the hottest and I want to make some salsa with a hint of one.....have you ever cooked / or worked any ??? 


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