The Cheese Experiment

Discussion in 'Cheese' started by timstalltaletav, Oct 18, 2014.

  1. Decided against smoking all of the cheese I have as I don't really have a baseline with the AMNPS so I thought I'd hack off a few pieces and use them to form a baseline.

    Popping the cherry on my AMNPS

    Started up really easy, just followed the directions (imagine that...)

    3 pieces each of sharp cheddar, mild cheddar, and swiss. Going to smoke them and pull one piece each at 1, 2, & 3 hours. I'll let them rest overnight then vac pack them and let them mellow for 2 weeks.

    It's a bit breezy out but the TBS is flowing nicely from the AMNPS

    Stay tuned.
  2. c farmer

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    Throw some butter and eggs on there.
  3. Just pulled the 1 hour samples. Not much color change, but definitely have a smoky aroma.

  4. c farmer

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    I go 2 hours on cheese.

    Experimenting is what its all about.
  5. The 3 hour chunks on the resting rack.

    From 10 o'clock on the rack, 3 pieces of 1 hour, 3 pieces of 2 hour, then 3 pieces of 3 hour.

    Apparently I forgot a single pic of the 2 hour. They all look similar in color, but I can really smell the smoke in the kitchen since I carried in the 3 hour.

    Going let these rest in the air until Notre Dame game is over, then vac pack for 2 weeks.

    EDIT: smoke smell is real sharp, I know it mellows with time but as a PSA I'll throw out the announcement to not eat the cheese right out of the smoker. It needs to rest and equalize.
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  6. Thus concludes the experiment for tonight. See ya in 2 weeks.

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    Sorry I missed this it has been two weeks any results yet??

  8. Got sidetracked this weekend, going to open them up and try them tomorrow night.

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