The Best Materials for my Creation.

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    Hello everyone!!,

    Let me start out by saying I am very new to the smoking world and the forum world so forgive me if this has been discussed elsewhere.  I would also like to say thank you in advance to everyone this responds to this thread.  Since i have been on here everyone has been a huge help!!

    I have been reading alot about all the different smokers people are using and i have been looking and hunting for the idea one that matches what i am seeing in my head.  Alas there is nothing out there yet that has caught my eye.  Unless of course i get one and Mod the hell out of it.  While thinking this i decided if i am going to just customize someone else's model i may as well make my own.  So now i am on a data hunt.  I would love to have a smoker about the size of an El Cheapo stacked on top of a mini fridge sized box.  Something light weight enough that one person can lift it without struggling.  I would love to see what everyone's different answers are to the following questions:

    1.  If i want my smoker light weight and in a box shape.  What would be the best kind of metal to weld together to make my box shape?

    2.  Is there a paint or coating i should apply to the final product once complete?

    3.  Would a scrap yard be the best place to get my materials?

    4.  I have been trying to find a place to get a chimney exhaust to put on the top but i can't find them anywhere.  Where can i find one?

    5.  What are some materials i should stay away from?

    6.  Besides the slider air vent to fuel the fire and the exhaust for the smoke should the smoker be air tight everywhere else?

                                                    Thanks everyone for your input,

                                                                                             Smokin Jason
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