That's Brisk-et baby! w/q-views

Discussion in 'Beef' started by matt zad, Jun 29, 2013.

  1. matt zad

    matt zad Fire Starter

    Smoking my first brisket tomorrow. I expect good things. Got her trimmed and rubbed this morning. I'll be using my master built dual fuel with propane. The only thing I'm not sure about is, fat cap up or down?
  2. [​IMG]  YEEE HAAA! Now you started it.  Seriously though you are probably gonna get as many post for 1 as the other.  I do fat up but do this 1 one way and next time try the other and see what you think; That's the important thing.  Good luck.  Keep Smokin!

  3. matt zad

    matt zad Fire Starter

    Well in nearly 7 hours your the only one that posted. So it looks like fat up, meat down. I'm hoping to get it in around 7:30 - 8ish tomorrow morning.
  4. On a  brisket I go fat cap towards the heat.
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  5. s2k9k

    s2k9k AMNPS Test Group

    Yea I read up and down all the time. I thinks it's just personal preference and doesn't really matter. I split the difference and just trim it all off and save the fat for sausage. I don't eat the fat and putting rub on it is just a waste to me, I want the rub on the meat I'm going to eat and not on the fat I'm going to throw away.

    Erics "lean trim, no foil, wet to dry chamber" method has really took my smoking to a whole new level:
  6. woodcutter

    woodcutter Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    I agree 100%. My smoker is vertical and I have to wonder if it turns out the same on stick burners. Some of the guys with stick burners are pretty adamant about not taking any of the fat off but for me I'll swear by the wet to dry brisket method. I don't have a lot of brisket experience under my belt but I know Eric's method worked great for me a few weeks ago.
  7. foamheart

    foamheart Smoking Guru OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    I have about decided its an equipment thingie. Personal preference. Flip a coin?

    I always do cap up, I think the fat bastes my brisket, I have never had a problem burning the bottom. BUT that said with a hot stick burner you might need that fat advantage. I don't cook competition, only for for me.

    Course I don't trim either, if I pull the cap before foil, I may clean it up a little. But I have worked for years to get these arteries of mine perfectly seasoned and I am NOT going to leave that piece of fat off my sandwich! Cholesterol is that stuff in food that has all the flavor. Brisket without some fat, its like a day without sunshine. A brisket without fat is is is is Pastrami.

    "Sonny, true love is the greatest thing in the world-except for a nice MLT - mutton, lettuce and tomato sandwich, where the mutton is nice and lean and the tomato is ripe."

    Its all personal preference. And its an ongoing discussion by all smokers.

    Its all on what you like, and I just wanted to pass on what I do. Put it down, put it up next time and tell us which you'd rather. It just might not make a difference, now that would be terrible.

    Either way, hope your smoke turn out awesome, it will just remember the wise man's words, "Patience"
  8. matt zad

    matt zad Fire Starter

    Brisket has been in the smoker for about 1hr 30mins now at 150 degrees and a IT of 144. Is this about on schedule or is it cooking too fast? 5lb brisket flat cut.
  9. seenred

    seenred Smoking Guru Group Lead OTBS Member

    If your smoker temp is only @ 150* (typo? maybe 250?), you're gonna need to increase the cooking temp soon, I'd say at least in the 225* range, to get that brisket done.  Most of us shoot for a final IT of somewhere near 200*.

  10. matt zad

    matt zad Fire Starter

    Sorry, typo. 250*
  11. matt zad

    matt zad Fire Starter

    Mother nature is messing with my mojo...
  12. dirtsailor2003

    dirtsailor2003 Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    Your flat will cook faster than a whole packer. So yes you are on track. when you get to an IT of 185 take a toothpick and probe the meat in several spots. When it slides in without resistance you are done.
  13. matt zad

    matt zad Fire Starter

    It's getting close. I had threw up an ez-up to keep the down pour off.

    I also made some chicken breasts for lunch. Used SPOG and they came out okay, better then my last time.
  14. I do it two ways. One way is fat cap up the whole time, second is fat cap up over a drip pan for about half the time, then fat cap down in the drip pan.

    To be honest, I still think brisket is a black art and every piece of meat has a mind of its own. I'll post later tonight but my last one, I smoked fat cap up at about 265-270 and loved it.

    I'm still learning from everybody on here and DirtSailor's advice about the toothpick is right on. On my last three briskets, one was done and very tender at about 187, some needed to go to about 200.

    Hope it came out perfect, looks great in progress.

  15. matt zad

    matt zad Fire Starter

    The brisket came out so so. A little dry and it didn't get a crispy bark. I had some bad temperature drops during a bad storm that lasted about an hour. The grill dropped to about 190* then took awhile to come back up.
  16. dirtsailor2003

    dirtsailor2003 Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    One of the issues with smoking just the flat is they can be a bit in the dry side. They don't have the fat or the mass like a full packer does. What was in your rub?
  17. Hey Matt, still a newbie I just got that same smoker for fathers day and have had the same problems as everyone else, except i got a good thermometer, I still cant get above 230, unless i have a flairup, today i only used chunks two or three at a time in the box with lid on unsoaked, I seared the meat which as a one time cook I am comfortable with and i freaked out at 175 panned and foiled until 190 so it wouldnt dry out, it seemed like the right thing to do. let me know what if any mods you have or are planning to try RICK
  18. matt zad

    matt zad Fire Starter

    I used a memphis dust rub from I'm not a fan of the white sugar in it so I plan on trying Billbo's rub nextMeatheads Memphis Dryrub3/4 cup firmly packed dark brown sugar3/4 cup white sugar1/2 cup paprika1/4 cup Morton's kosher salt1/4 cup garlic powder2 tablespoons ground black pepper2 tablespoons ground ginger powder2 tablespoons onion powder2 teaspoons rosemary powder
  19. matt zad

    matt zad Fire Starter

    Hey Rick, I dont have any problems with temprature control on mine. Except unless its pouring cats and dogs. But as far as mods go I tossed the factory wood pan and I use a small cast iron pan now and haven't had a flare up yet.
  20. markyque

    markyque Smoke Blower

    Ok...what is the fix for this.  As a MES 30 owner I am forced to separate the point from the flat on a large packer and smoke them separately. 

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