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  1. Hello everyone, I have been lurking for a while now. Found this place about a year and a half ago when researching how to smoke cheese with my MES. The information here has really been invaluable, thank you to all the members who are so generous with their knowledge.

    So, I finally decided to try smoking cheese, and I got a 6" AMNTS and then went a little nuts in the Wegmans cheese department:

    So Friday night I loaded the smoker up with ice, lit the cold smoker and placed it in the bottom of the MES. The "cold" smoker is still giving off heat and it was too much for the ice to overcome and the cheese got a little too hot and started oiling out:

    Not to be discouraged, I built the famous "mailbox mod" for my smoker to relocate the smoke generator and the heat away from the smoker.

    Itching to try it out I threw some cheddar in there and success!  Temps in the smoker hovered around 70 degrees for the duration of the two hour smoke (80+ outdoor temp). Maybe could have used more smoke on the cheese, but I'll wait for this to age and see how it turns out.

    Next up, I "double smoked" some Philly-made Kielbasa at 200 degrees until it hit 160 internal. Having the heat on in the smoker really drives the draft thru the mailbox and gave a great thin blue smoke.

    Thanks again!  Looking forward to trying out lots of new tricks and techniques. And I already have an AMNPS on the way to compliment my AMNTS!

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    Welcome to SMF you can gain lots of good info, and recipes. Everyone wants to help and improve things.

  3. Hello and welcome to the site, Quick thinking on adding the mail box.

    Gary S
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    Welcome Neighbor!!

    And nice Job on the Cheese & Kielbasa!!![​IMG]

  5. Thanks everyone!

    Bear - hopefully the first batch of cheese wasn't ruined, and I'm going to try your bear loafs sooner rather than later. [​IMG]
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    Great !!

    Just give me a yell, if you have any questions.


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