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    A Lot Easier Than you Thought

    First, “Don’t over think it” Keep it simple and it will be fine.

    Here are a couple of links I posted on Brisket.



    Meat selection is the first thing. When choosing a good Brisket whether it be Select of Choice a few thing to look for.

    All the Briskets I buy are in Cryovac, look for briskets weighing around 12 pounds +-. Pick it up and look it over, check for a good fat cap, not too thick. Then the bend test, the Brisket should bend, if it doesn’t, too much fat, if it flops over, not enough fat, somewhere in between. Look for marbling the more the better. If you know the Butcher asked what the Packaging date on the box is. (Probably not going to happen at the big box stores) Brisket in Cryovac should be aged for 30 to 60 days 45 days being the optimum or peak time. I am not saying that a brisket you buy can’t be cooked right away, it can. But for the most flavor, a little ageing is a good thing.

    I’ll be smoking a Brisket that has not been aged.

    I do not inject, marinate or let it sit in the fridge with a bunch of rub for a day or two. I take it out of the Cryovac, rinse it off blot it dry, then start trimming it up. Try to keep the fat cap about a quarter of an inch, cut off any taggles or areas that need cleaning up. I rub it down with a little oil (EVOO, Canola etc.) Just so the rub will stick. Sometimes I don’t even use oil.

    I coat evenly and generously with Course ground black Pepper and Salt. (You can use anything you like, but be careful with sugar based rubs)

    Also doing some Smoked BBQ Beans here is the link to that:   http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/t/201533/garys-smoked-baked-beans

    Picked up a Brisket today (Wednesday) I’ve seen better selections but after going through quite a few I found one that was acceptable.

    OK - its Friday and time to start prepping.

    First on the list BBQ sauce, I made a fresh batch of BBQ sauce that’s it. Prep work done


    5:00 AM -  Pulled Brisket from fridge, started smoker.

    5:30 AM – Trimmed and rubbed Brisket

    6:00 AM -  Smoker @ 225° Brisket on. Started prepping the Beans

    Note: Started smoker with charcoal and added Split of Pecan

    7:00 AM – Beans on added another split

    9:30 AM – Robs On (That’s another story)

    10:00 AM – Beans off , just right on the smoke

    11:00 AM – Looking good, added another split

    12:00 PM – Pulled Brisket, wrapped in butcher paper.

                            (New roll of Pink Butcher Paper, Have to order

                               It from Austin)    

    12:30 PM – Pulled and wrapped Ribs, back on the smoker

    2:00 PM – Unwrapped Baby back’s , Back on the smoker

                         Spare’s need a little longer in the foil.

    2:30 PM – Unwrapped Spare’s, back on the smoker

    3:00 PM – Baby backs ready; Spare’s need a few more min.

    3:30 PM – Spare’s ready, only thing left on the smoker is the

                         Brisket, added another split

    6:30 PM – Brisket finally ready, 12.5 hours. Good I’m Hungry

    The ribs were for a guy that works for the company my Wife is with, He wanted to learn to smoke so today was Rib Day.

    A couple of pics of what I bought

    Getting ready to clean it up, Like I said earlier not the best selection I have had better

    Removed quite a bit of fat, marbling was not as good as I like

    We are doing this Texas Style  so Salt & Pepper Only  (You can rub with anything

    you like, just be careful with sugar based rubs.

    Smoker pic Just heat coming out of the stack

    Brisket had been on an hour when I put on the beans

    Getting ready to pull the Brisket to wrap, Ribs have been on for 2 hours. I pulled 

    the beans off after 3 hours to make room for the ribs and finish up in the oven.

    A shot of the Brisket before I wrapped it

    Wrapped and back on. You can't find the pink butcher paper around here I ordered 

    a roll from a paper company in Austin

    Ribs after 3 hours ready to wrap

    This is around 3:00 PM Brisket has been on 9 hours total, 6 unwrapped, 3 wrapped

    Un-wrapped the Baby backs, Spares need a little longer

    Spares are ready, going to re-wrap to send home with my trainee 

    After 12.5 hours Brisket is ready, Just hanging out resting waiting to be sliced

    A few sliced pics

    And My supper, well worth the wait Nothing like a good Brisket, Beans and slaw

    Full, full, full.    The chunk in the zip lock is for the next couple of days

    The other piece will be vacuum sealed and into the freezer for when I get the urge

    for some good Brisket

    Thank everyone for looking, Like I said Brisket isn't hard, It's the waiting 

    that's hard.
  2. smokinal

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    Excellent looking brisket Gary!

    It just goes to show you that if you know what your doing, you can get great results even when you don't have the best piece of meat to start with.

    Awesome my friend!

    POINTS to you!!

  3. bearcarver

    bearcarver Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    Oh Man!![​IMG]

    The Ribs look Great, but that Brisket doesn't even look Legal !!!  Just Too Tasty!!![​IMG][​IMG]

    Another Outstanding Smoke & Thread !!-------------[​IMG]

    Thanks for the Views, Gary!![​IMG]

  4. Thanks a bunch Al and Bear.  Sometimes you just gotta go with what you got.  There was really nothing wrong with it other than I like more marbling

    Usually get them At Sam's sometimes Super One, this one came from Super One,   Still tender and moist

  5. waterinholebrew

    waterinholebrew Smoking Guru OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    Another great lookin smoke Gary, very nice ! Thumbs Up. Makes me wanna toss on a brisket for sure. Darned tasty lookin thread.

    I tried to give ya a point & wouldn't let me, guess I'm out or somethin. So, I owe ya a point for this thread....
  6. Thanks WHB, that happens,  Happened to me the other day had to wait about 8 hours I think

  7. c farmer

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    Great cook Gary. That meal looks mouth watering .

  8. mike5051

    mike5051 Master of the Pit SMF Premier Member

    Excellent post and smoke Gary!  [​IMG]

  9. Thanks Guys   I just want all the newbies Not to be scared Of Briskets 
  10. c farmer

    c farmer Smoking Guru Staff Member Moderator OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    Newbies???? I still haven't done one.
  11. Gary that looks amazing. A couple questions, after wrapping the brisket in the pink paper and putting back on the bbq did you leave the temp at 225, also do you let the briskest rest in a cooler or just on the counter top?
  12. WHAT !!!!    They are not hard at all, Try one.      My trainee yesterday (I was teaching him ribs)  When we put them on the smoker I said "That's it for about 3 hours" He said "You don't have to turn them, flip them or move them around ?"  He said his brother did ?

    I asked how they were he said OK sometimes Not very good, I said there you go.

    Same with brisket just let it do it's thing, hardest part is the wait

  13. jcbigler

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    For anyone who is interested, you can buy the pink butcher paper on Amazon:

    $30 for an 18" wide and 150' long roll. 

    They also have 24" wide for $40. 

    Easiest way to find it is to just buy it online. It's food grade and non-coated. I found out the hard way that most butcher shops use "freezer paper" which has one side coated with wax. 
  14. Yep, I researched a bunch of sites, but decided that $30 - $40 bucks for a 150 feet was way too much, I'll look up what I paid but I bought a 1000 foot roll for fifty something bucks,  Kind of a no brain er 

    I'll check and see the exact amount   That's why I bought from the Paper company in Austin

  15. slimc

    slimc Smoke Blower

    Wow I wish I could find a brisket that cheap! For that I would have to pay $80 up here in the northeast!

    Looks great
  16. stickyfingers

    stickyfingers Smoking Fanatic

    Great looking Brisket and great info. Thanks for sharing, but I think you missed out not making burnt ends from that point.
  17. smokeymose

    smokeymose Master of the Pit

    Everything looks great, Gary! I just bought a sidebox unit and hopefully by mid-summer I'll know how to use it enough to try a whole brisket. I can get them here for $32 to $38. Great pictures and post!


  18. Thank's guys

  19. bdskelly

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    Nice smoke buddy  Point b
  20. crazymoon

    crazymoon Master of the Pit SMF Premier Member

    Gary, awesome job!

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