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Discussion in 'Beef' started by max8950, Mar 31, 2015.

  1. max8950

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    I got two 15 pound "prime" briskets from Costco yesterday. They are pretty. Plan. I am going to cook the briskets Friday  for 12 hours on the NBBD with aged oak and then finish them in the oven in a foil pan. Finish, cool, fridge, and reheat on Sunday. I did this before and it was a hit. The problem was when I brought the brisket back up to 160 degrees it was falling apart. I had to work really hard to get slices. I like to cook the meat, I hate going to someones house and they worked long and hard but missed tender by an hour. 

    Question. What part of the brisket should I measure the temp in and what temp should I take it up to?

    Normally I just check the brisket and when it is tender I pull it off. This time I will finish it in the oven and need some sleep. Maybe 190 degrees? I think the brisket being prime makes it more tender and reheating it effects it too. I am not sure. Thanks for your help. I plan on reheating it whole in the foil pan/covered back on the smoker for the entertainment value to the guests. As far as they know I have been smoking that thing all night. Heating it up in bags doesnt look cool and slicing the whole brisket in front of the guests adds to the show. 

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    Gary S what say you?
  3. oldschoolbbq

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    Well, I'm not Gary , buy I would Smoke them to 180*F ,wrap then do the finish early on Party Day .

    Yes , chilling them makes a difference ,but can be pulled off. Remember , a resting meat is still cooking , so chill quick.

    re-heat in oven to 170*F , then to the Smoker once again to take to 195*F , and slice ( Flat ). The Point should be Burnt - Ends already. 

    Have fun an . . .
  4. bruno994

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    Max...Prime briskets?  Your crew will be eating the good stuff for sure.  You really only need 5 to 6 hours of smoke on the briskets.  I would smoke them on Friday, then pan them with some beef broth, au jus gravy mix or better than bouillion paste.  Put 1 cup of any of the previously mentioned beef juices in each pan.  Get up early Sunday, pop them in the oven at 300, once the IT reaches 195, start probing for tenderness using a toothpick every 4 to 5 degrees afterwards.  Once the toothpick slides in easily, pull them from the oven, vent the foil for about 10 to 15 minutes, then allow to rest for at least 1 hour before slicing.  The Primes will tend to finish a little faster, but will finish at a higher IT, at least in my experiences while comp cooking.  This is my method when cooking competitions, I use Prime only, I will smoke for 4 hours on Friday night (from 6:00 PM until around 10:00 PM), pan with liquid then place into either an empty cooler or my Cambro.  It will sit there from 10 until 6:00 AM on Saturday morning.  Once my smoker gets going, I'll get the brisket back on to finish, then prep my ribs.  I don't chill mine, but if you are going to finish it off 2 days later, you will obviously need to refrigerate.  Another tip, the IT really needs to be around 160 or so prior to slicing.  This is optimal for the meat to have relaxed and the juices to have been redistributed thoroughly.
  5. max8950

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    Thanks for the tips on the prime brisket cook. I like this method. I am going to put 6 hours or so of smoke on the briskets tomorrow (friday) and then chill them down. How long are two 15 pounders going to take to finish and rest coming out of the fridge? 

    What do you think of this plan ?

    Thursday night rub briskets

    Friday 9am to 3pm Smoke on pit with Oak

    3pm Pan, beef broth, cover, chill in fridge

    Now it has only cooked for 6 hours and I think a 15 pound prime will take 20-22 hours at 225 to get to 195 internal. Oven cooking at 300 will speed it up. How about 8 more hours to finish?

    Sunday at 4am put in oven - finish by 12pm? Take briskets to 195 if the time is way off start turning the oven up around 9am. 

    Noon to 2pm let the brisket rest

    what do you think? Maybe I could get the briskets up to 185 in the oven Sun morning and finish them in the pit in the pan uncovered for the smell and effect? 
  6. max8950

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    Trimmed the fat on these briskets (5 pounds of fat each). I like to leave a small fat cap on and trim the hard fat in between the point and the flat. Check out the pics below. Do you see the marbling Thanks again for all the tips so far. I see why you would smoke for 6 hours and then get some sleep. I think the more I can cook it tomorrow the better off I will be on Sunday. I am going to take it to 180 and finish it on Sunday. How long do you think it will take a chilled brisket to go back up to 180 and then finish to 195+? I am thinking about 3 to 4 hours at 250 degrees. 

  7. max8950

    max8950 Smoke Blower

    I took the brisket up to 180 degrees and then chilled it down. They are waiting to be finished Sunday morning in the oven/ smoker. How long do you think it will take to bring the temp back up to 180 and finish?
  8. max8950

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    Also I left the meat thermometer probe in the brisket and disconnected it from the digital unit. Is that ok?
  9. bruno994

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    You will be fine leaving the probe in.  Remember, it'snot just to 195, that is just when you should start checking for tenderness with a toothpick.  Every 4 to 5 degrees of rise after that. Depending on how slow and low you cook them also changes the IT at which they become toothpick tender.
  10. max8950

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     I will start checking for tenderness at 195 on the brisket. 

    Cool, thanks for the advice. I weighted the 80% done briskets and I have about 14 pounds total.

    I got a pork butt today to add a little more meat. It is 7 pounds and I am giving it 12 to 14 hours at 225 to finish. I am going to put 6 hours of smoke on it tonight, hold it above 160 for 4 hours (midnight to 4am - my sleep time) and then let it finish in the oven with the two briskets. I will be checking the thermometers and pulling, venting, holding until the guest get here. My dad got some Hog Heaven finishing sauce at the store and heard from a guy in NC that it is really good. I had it for the first time in March and it was like heaven.

    My family grew up on brisket. Grandpa was from Fredricksburg and we are all about brisket. Pork is the new frontier. I have only cooked 1 pork butt on my mini wsm and it tasted like a hot dog. This time will be different. I injected it just now and it is getting happy. 
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    Can't wait for the Qview.

    Good luck!


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