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    I have been using an offset smoker with charcoal and adding wood chunks that I have soaking in water. I have done several pork butts and spare ribs and baby backs. The temp in the meat side is 200-250. I I do ribs they are in the smoker for about 4 hour and the nuts 8 hours. The meat is done and the taste is great but if I want to pull the butt I have to put them in the slow cooker for about 6 hours for it to pull apart. How long do they need to smoke so the butts can be pulled right off the smoker? And how long until the ribs meat will plfall off the bone?
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    Smoke the butts until the internal temp is 200-205. Ribs I smoke until 190. I foil both at 160 and add butter, Brown sugar, and whatever other flavor enhancers you desire to help keep it moist.

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