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Discussion in 'Pork' started by mikeh, Jun 15, 2008.

  1. mikeh

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    The wife and I were up at the KCBS BBQ cookoff in Wichita Ks yesterday enjoying the day and the fantastic bbq experience. I talked to alot of the competitors about their methods of doing ribs and the one thing that I kept picking up was that many of them do their ribs at higher temps. Many said 250 to 275 degs. Sounded high to me, but from the samples that they gave me to try, they knew their stuff. Some of the most tasty tender ribs that I have every tried. I was just curious if anyone on here does the higher heat temps for ribs.

    These guys were very willing to talk about their methods and share their experience with a newbie like me. I really got a kick out of seeing all the different smoker rigs. It was a great day for me. The wife got tired of me stopping and talking about Q, but enjoyed herself as well. There are a couple more contest coming to this area that I will be at as well.

  2. I'm smoking spare ribs right now and Temps are at 250 by default...having trouble keeping them down today. Good to hear 250 isn't to high. I'll let you know how they turn out.
  3. fatback joe

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    Not just the ribs, but most everything gets smoked at the higher temps....especially the butts and briskets. Not alot being done at 225 at the comps.....there is some, but I would say it is the minority from what I have seen (and do).
  4. bbq bubba

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    Joe is right, most comp cooks are done at higher temps, 250-325ish.
  5. flash

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    I've always used 250 to 275 for ribs. [​IMG]
  6. woodruff

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    Good Question, i too am new at smokin meat . I did smoke spare ribs Fathers Day and my Black Jack smoker run between 225 and 255, i wondered myself if that was a little to high, but kept on cookin anyway. the ribs came out just fine, in fact, from what ( all the great info from the seasoned pros here on SMF) they looked and tatsed great, still were juicy and only slightly stuck to the bone, some of the thick side even fell off the bone. im sure trying them in your smoker eith all the info and helpful hints found in SMF and you will be well pleased. Have a great day friends
  7. justsmoke2

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    Mike I smoke at higher temps then normal. It doesn't change much but your cooking time maybe a little less smoke ring. Ribs,Butts, and meat loaf and balls I do between 250 & 275 sometimes a little higher. Chicken or Turkey I do between 300 & 350. The end results is what matter and when all the plates are left cleaned and mt you can't ask for more then that. I have been lambasted in other forums cause of the temps I posted I use to smoke at. I have GOSM Big Block and its my 3rd smoker. One thing to remember about comps is they are on a wee bit of time restrictions. Any time you can pick there brains its all useful information.

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