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Discussion in 'Brick Smokers' started by bjlifetime, Jun 5, 2015.

  1. bjlifetime

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    Hello everyone. This is my first time posting, but I have read the forums on this site for a long time. I am having an outdoor kitchen built with a brick vertical smoker. I have been doing research on thermostatic controllers for smokers, but can't seem to find an all weather fan that I can leave permentally attached to the firebox. I would also need it easily removeable for when it breaks in the future. Has anyone done a build like this or know of any kits that would solve my problem. Thanks
  2. wes w

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    Good evening.   

    I have to ask, why do you need a fan on a  vertical smoker?   I have no issues with the heat going up on mine.  I do have issues with the bottom rack getting to hot on a full load, but is simply solved by rotating the meat.  

    I'd like to hear more about your idea with the fan.   No clue how to fix your problem, but I'm always interested in new ideas.

  3. bjlifetime

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    The fans are for the firebox. They control the temperature by controlling the amount of air going to the fire.
  4. wes w

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    have two outside slide vents which supply more then enough air.  The draft will pull in air.  There is no need for fans.
  5. bjlifetime

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    Yes I know the fireboxes have vents, but the fans are an upgraded digital feature to control the temperature.  On the control box you set the desired temperature and the fans kick on and off to maintain that temperature.  So yes they are not a requirement, but they are a feature I am looking at that would allow me to focus on other things.
  6. b-one

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    Not sure they make an all weather one but there maybe a all weather electric outlet box you could modify to protect it.
  7. 210flyer

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    I would look into using a bilge blower.   They are intended for damp/wet environments and should hold up well to outdoor use.  I use a small draft controller for my Ugly Drum Smoker and it maintains the temp within a few degrees of target until I run out of charcoal.  I've done an 18-Hour brisket with a single load of charcoal and never had to adjust the fire once!  Cooking with logs and an open firebox presents a much more complicated control challenge.

    Any updates on your project?

  8. hoity toit

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    You could mount a small axial fan inside a mailbox and run 3" flex duct to the intake vent area, Use a rheostat to control the speed of the motor.

    Unless the verticle smoker has difficulty "drawing" air, I see no need for a fan at all. Just my2 cents,.

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