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Discussion in 'Charcoal Smokers' started by curious dave, Sep 11, 2011.

  1. curious dave

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    I think I remember reading somewhere that one way to create a temp probe access in a wsm is by cutting a slot in the top edge of the mid section. If anyone out there in q-land has done this successfully, I'd appreciate details...even pics if you have them. Thanks. 
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    You go to Home Depot & get a lamp repair kit.

    It will come with a 1/2" long brass nipple & 2 brass nuts.

    If they don't have the 1/2 size, just get a longer one & cut it with a hack saw.

    You just drill a hole the size of the nipple, slide it in & put a nut on each side.

    You can easily get 3 probe wires through the hole.

    If you search WSM mods, there are several threads on this with photo's.
  3. curious dave

    curious dave Newbie

    Thanks. I did that but the inside diameter of the nipple is not large enough to accommodate the probe of the E85, which has a fairly large collar between the base of the probe and the wire. 
  4. I would take the probe to the nearest hardware store - not Home Depot, Lowes, etc...  but a hardware store. The kind where the old guy has been there forever, gimpy and half blind but has EVERY answer for EVERY question and he is RIGHT 100% of the time. He will not only know what will work for you, but also he will know right where it is!   Good luck!

  5. curious dave

    curious dave Newbie

    Sadly, we haven't had one of those great old hardware stores around my part of Texas since I was a teenager -- many, many moons ago.

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