Temp adjust on MES 40 UPDATE

Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by johnnytex, Jul 13, 2013.

  1. johnnytex

    johnnytex Fire Starter

    Seasoning my new 2nd Gen Digital MES 40 and noticing that the temp gage is about 15 degrees higher than my probe.

    Do anyone know away to adjust for this?


  2. bosox20

    bosox20 Smoke Blower

    Mine did that but then it turns itself off and then comes back on and will stay at desired temp.
  3. johnnytex

    johnnytex Fire Starter

    Target temp set to 235.

    Probe on bottom shelf on a wood block.

    Top temp is 225.

    Is there any adjustments inside for this?
  4. johnnytex

    johnnytex Fire Starter

    Talked to MB today and hey are sending a new digital controller and probe out tomorrow.
  5. johnnytex

    johnnytex Fire Starter

    Just got off a 30 minute call with Masterbuilt regarding the temperature difference inside the new 2-gen 40” electric smoker.

    Mine has a 30 degree difference between the maverick probe and the MES front panel setting.

    The lady at MB said the were just made aware of this problem a couple of days ago and are working on a fix.

    They would announce it on their web site.

    Otherwise, to get 225, I have to set the temp setting to 255!
  6. I have an Old Gen 40, temps were 25-30 degrees cooler than the digital set temp. MB replaced the controller and the body unit and the temps are still off by that much. I just adjust my set temp to compensate, only problem is I can never get to 275°.

    Hope it works out for ya!
  7. njfoses

    njfoses Meat Mopper

    This has been an issue from day 1 with all generations of mes smokers.  I think the rep was blowing smoke up your you know what stating they are working on a fix.
  8. Yes it has been. Like I said mine runs cooler (the replacements for mine were another issue) and did not fix that temp problem. My son has a 30" and his runs hotter.
  9. johnnytex

    johnnytex Fire Starter

    Well, at lease they admitted they have a problem.

    The rep put me on hold and asked her supervisor.

    We will see.

    She said this was only a problem with 40".
  10. Yep and they can't get it fixed on the 40", no matter the generation. But I still like mine and use it frequently.
  11. foamheart

    foamheart Smoking Guru OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    Did she speak english?
  12. johnnytex

    johnnytex Fire Starter

    Yes she did and was very nice.

    Did have to put me on hold a lot to talk to her sup.
  13. My MES 30 runs hotter than digital display . If I want 225 - 230 I set smoker for 190 . Talked to masterbuilt and they sent me a new control. Upon receiving it it was not in a box,had white silicone sealer smeared all over it . Looked like they have been reworking the controls because they know they have a problem . I was a little hesitant about whether that control would be any better than what I had after seeing the sloppy work on it . Talked to Masterbuilt again and they sent me another controller,this one in a box and neater silicone sealing job .Bottom line is I'm not so sure i want to install either of the two new controls .Right now I can get temperatures around 330 when control is set to 275 . When I am smoking I always set temps according to Maverick probe . I asked Masterbuilt if there was a potential problem with temperatures going to 330 and they said no .So maybe I will stick with old controller and use it when wanting to crisp up chicken and such at the end of a smoke.  

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