Taylor 1470 on the fritz??

Discussion in 'Meat Thermometers' started by bman62526, May 14, 2009.

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    Hey all,I have a Taylor model 1470 digital therm that seems to be broken. I haven't even had it yet for a full year. I was doing a pork butt and split chicken breast smoke last weekend, and I plugged the Taylor Therm. into the middle of a bone in split chicken breast. These were not even yet at room temp when I put them on the smoker. I glanced at the internal temp about 30 min. after the chicken went on, and it read 114°?? After just going on the smoker, it should have read about 65°. I noticed that even 45 min. later, the temp wasn't moving - still said 114. So...I pulled out the probe but left the unit on - and set it on the shelf of my garage. Keep in mind that it was maybe a high of 62 here that Saturday. When I checked on the therm. after another 45 min. or so, it read 102° - just sitting in the shade on my bench in 60 degree weather!My question is, do I need a new probe, or is the whole unit bad - and considering the cost of a whole new unit is low - should I even consider the probe replacement or just get a whole new unit? Kind of disappointed in the quality as this is maybe 10 months old. I have the good ol ET-73, but I want an additional probe for big smokes with more meat, and also to monitor temps in different zones of the smoker - as I'm still figuring out my new offset.Thanks.
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    I have 2 Taylor 1470s that I have been using for about a year. I had one probe go bad but it was from a broken wire.
    It's hard to determine if it is the probe or the unit unless you have two to test with. As you said the cost of the unit is pretty reasonable, so I would buy another unit then test to determine if it was a bad probe or unit. If it is a bad probe, the replacements are pretty reasonably priced as well and it never hurts to have an extra thermometer around.Whoa, the message editor is really acting up. Let's see if I can fix my post.Dave
    Here is a link to the replacement probes.http://www.partshelf.com/tayod14digov.html
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