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Discussion in 'Pork' started by st barnard, Jan 9, 2010.

  1. Ok, smoking my first BB, and after 1hr, the internal temp is just 82. Using a Char-griller with temps in mid 20's outside, and I've got my shaker basket full to the rim with good coals. Should it be higher by now? The cooker side is hovering between 230-260 degrees. Just wondering.
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    If you're doing your BB's 2-2-1, you're just getting started. You need to remember that when you pulled them out of the fridge, they were around 34°F. One of the reasons a lot of us don't temp our ribs is because there isn't enough meat to get a reliable reading.

    Watch for the meat to pull back on the rib bones about 1/4 inch and then foil.
  3. you're temps are good. don't worry so much about the temp of the meat when it comes to ribs. just do a 2-2-1 and they're be good to go.
  4. Actually I meant Boston Butt. :) I have a slab of spare ribs on also, but not to concerned with the rib temps. I did leave my meat out on the counter for about 2hrs to not be so cold. Butt is now at 103, with the cooking chamber at 250. I think it's going ok. Any thoughts?
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    Yer lookin good so far....But what about the Qview??? [​IMG]
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    No problems yet, get worried if you are not over 140 in 4 hours. then there are microbial issues that can creep up. I wouldn't be concerned where you are in the least. Keep the cook box temps steady and it will be fine.
    I fought temps all night last night... up and down,,, dang wind.
  7. Thanks guys. I'm at 124 after 2hrs. I'll try to post Qviews after I'm done.
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    Since you asked for suggestions I wouldn't leave the meat sit on the counter to come up in temp this cuts into the time you have to get the meat through the "Danger Zone" This rule simply stated says you have 4 hours to get the meat from 40-140 since you punctured it.
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    Do you have a target temp in mind? I assume you are gonna "pull" the meat for sandwiches, right? Be prepared for the stall where it looks like it isn't cooking any more. Be patient, keep the cooking temp constant and do not jack the heat up..
  10. Pineywoods--Thanks. I had read about the "danger zone", but didn't quite understand it. I actually punctured the meat after it got on the grate, but since it's pork, I don't really want to take chances with it. I just thought I'd read where guys pulled it out to get to room temp first.

    Pit--I thought I'd pull it off the smoker around 200 degrees and foil it. If it's close after 6hrs, I might pull it off before it reaches that mark. Want at least 185 though.
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    Not to be the bearer of bad news but you may be in trouble. If you set it on the counter for 2 hours prior to putting it in the smoker and it's been on that long...let's do some math.

    Out of the fridge (let's give you a little wiggle room since it took a bit for the external temp to get over 40*F) Let's call this 1.5 hours

    Then you said you were at 124* after 2 hours. Now let's add the 1.5 hours of "counter time".

    That was at 2:19 according to my thread. It's now 3:00. If you're not over 140*F RIGHT NOW. I'd consider tossing this. You're past the 4 hour mark.
  12. Thanks Dude. I was at 143 at 2:55. Been from 140-143 last ten minutes. If I had understood the "danger zone" a little better, I could have pushed the fire a little to maybe reach 140 sooner. I'm still going with it, and hope it turns out.
  13. the dude abides

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    How long total (from taking out of the fridge to the 140*) did it take you?
  14. 5hrs, maybe a tad more. Unsure, because I had my wife take them out before I got up.
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    I really just wanted to get the info out and let you make up your own mind and to maybe adjust how you do it the future.
    Another thing to consider is that if you don't puncture the meat then the outer .5" only need reach 140 degrees in 4 hours following the "intact muscle" rule and this is very easy to accomplish at the temps your using
  16. Thanks, that eases my mind a bit.
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    If you dont want it send it my way! We're probably not that far from each other! I'm on the Hallsville side of Longview.
  18. Ahhhh No. That's ok, I wouldn't want to make you sick. lol After worrying about the danger zone, then it stalled at 155 for a little over an hr, I then forgot to foil it when I wanted. I took it off and foiled between 180-185*, now it's in the foil at 190* Shouldn't be long now.
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    You are getting some very good advice from theses guys.
  20. mballi--I'll definately get the temp up quicker next time, or at the very least I'll not take it out of the frig too early. I just pulled the butt off at 206* and foiled it. Will pull in about an hr or so.

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