Tacking this bad boy for a test drive!!!

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  1. So I'm looking for a new (larger) Smoker.  This is the top runner for the job, so the builder is letting me test it out this weekend.  I've got a Memorial Day Party that I'm smoking for, we'll see how it goes.

    In the belly of the beast:

    2 Briskets

    6 Pork Butts

    2 Rib Racks

    It's an interesting design.  It's portable, plugs into the receiver of my truck, but its not a trailer.  Just crank up the wheels and away you go.  I kinda like it.

    My Secret Sauce, a Root Beer BBQ Sauce...

  2. Wolfpac, I'm digging it! Nice smoker and nice way to tote it around. So... what's in the SECRET root beer sauce? Come on! Let us in on it! Kevin
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    That's a nice looking smoker.  When you bring it home, pay real close attention to what shakes loose or has bounced around.  Sitting on the end of a receiver hitch like that, it could just take a real beating during travel.  

  4. Hey Gary, it actually traveled really well. This beast is super solid, the only loose pieces are the grates and they stayed right in place.  It did eat thew a lot of wood and coal though.  Maybe I just need to fine tune the stacks to get a slower burn.  But it took a lot to get up to heat, then 30-45 minutes later I'd have to stock the fire again.

    Over all, if I can manage the fire better, it's a really nice pit.


  5. Hey there Kevin.  Thanks, I think I'm gonna order one of these, with a few tweeks.

    The "Secret" is...  [​IMG]

    LOL.  For real though, I kinda hijacked Jeff's Sauce recipe and made it my own.  I take about a gallon or Root Beer (I like Sprechers, its a local brew that uses honey instead of sugar for sweetner, not sure how other would work, this is all I've ever used)  Then I boil that down to a thick syrup (renders down to about 2-3 cups) and sub that for the molasses, and half the ketchup basically.  I make larger batches since I usually smoke for large groups (usually around 200).  Like Jeff's you can tweek the spices for hotter or sweeter sauce.  I plane to make some bigger batches and bottle it.

    Let me know if you want more specifics (minus giving out Jeff's secret recipe of course) don't want to step on his secrets.

  6. Here's some of the finished product...

    These are the second batch of ribs I've ever done.  The first ones failed miserably.  These ones where EPIC!!!

    Pulled Pork on the top, brisket on the bottom.

    Brisket has a nice ring on it.


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