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  1. This is my first smoke that I have posted since joining this forum, I put a 5# butt on this morning at 0830 and have been brining a chicken since last night that will go on about 1300. this is the first time Ive brined a chicken, so not really sure how it will turn out. will put some Clabber Girl rub on it before i put it on. I trying Stubbs Charcoal with hickory chunks. Its now 1025 and I LOVE this charcoal, I was used to wood only and Kingsford and chunks, so i was adjusting and tweeking for the first 2 hours. I have had to adjust 1 time and the temps have stayed 200 - 225. I used the minion method to start the coals for the first time. This forum has made me a believer in trying new things. I will follow up as this progresses.

    This is @ 0830  just went on.


    Chicken done @ 1530


    After 8 1/2 hours



    Chicken plate ready to eat.


    By the way, when someone says they out do themselves, well I did this time. Had to use a little more coals then i anticipated but was well worth it. I was very happy with the Stubbs, never had the charcoal smell or taste and maintaining temps was very friendly. I cant wait to do a wild turkey, but gotta wait til November. Thanks for all the info in the forums, it was a great help, but gotta keep reading.

    Got to the butt, pulled it off at 170 after 81/2 hours, nice smoke ring, good flavor, not to smokey, but im not sure if I did something wrong or had a bad or wrong cut of meat. IT WAS TOUGH!! I got a BB that had no bone at all in it, Im going to have to figure this out. Any thoughts?
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    Looks good so far!

    We'll be watching.
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    Nice start! [​IMG]

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